Wednesday, April 4, 2012

circle, cirlce, dot, dot...

Happy Wednesday!!
We are half way thru the week and I have Friday off!!
Woo Hoo!!
(insert... long to-do list)
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The other day E and I said something at the same time and I told him...
"poke, owe me a coke".
Do you remember all of those funny games we used to play?!

"circle, circle, dot, dot...
now you have your cootie shot"?
(just in case a boy touched you?!?!)

or what about...
slug bug!
(and you punch someone when you see one of those cars)

Fun times!
What were some of the sayings you said?

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Shirt and Bag: F21
Shoes: Old Navy
Bracelet: Chloe vs Tank
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: rolled up my Rock Revival jeans
(I seriously love this necklace!! the color is perfect for spring and summer! you can really see it in the photo of Tank and I)

pleated poppy 

Ready for some Pinterst with Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

I've really been craving some pink shorts lately...I found some at F21 but they didn't have my size!

What color of colored shorts would you wear?!?!

Have a great day!!


  1. love your shoes!! and I think I have a pair of really light pink shorts, but just may want to get some green ones this summer! happy wednesday!

  2. Those pops of teal are gorgeous. Your toes & bracelet are FAB! I'm also digging those blue shorts.
    Stopping by from WWW link up.

    Lauren Rebecca

  3. i still say "pinch, poke... you owe me a coke" when we say the same thing at the same time...

    and then i'll scream "pedittle" in the car if theres a car with only one headlight. and i mean, scream.

    and love the pink shorts!
    xx jes

  4. these shorts are so cute! love all the color :) & love your outfit!

    Happy Wednesday
    xx, ashlyn

  5. Love your outfit and your bag is so cute.

  6. Love your outfit as usual. The bag is too cute as is the puppy :) The pink shorts are too cute. I'll definitely be on the look out for some colored shorts this summer!

  7. Love your shoes!! I have been wanting some colored shorts too!! I really want some coral ones!

  8. J. Crew has some GREAT neon pink shorts right now, fyi!


  9. I remember "insert color" punch buggy no punch back saftey! haha funny memories! Man, Tank is growing so fast! Love the shoes!

  10. LOVE those shoes! So dang cute! And that puppy, melts my heart! So adorable!

  11. Love the jeans :) The pink shorts would be fun. Your dog is adorable. We have a Boxer/Great Dane and his name is Tank hehe.

  12. My kids still use the 'Jinx, you owe me a coke.' and 'take it back, you owe me a Cadillac'! I'll take the Cadi, thank you very much.

    Love that bag - so summery and your nail color!

    Once I get these thighs to slim down some more I am totally buying some pink shorts. So femenine and sexy!

  13. I absolutely love your jeans!!!!
    We still play the slug bug game but only when we are on vacation lol.
    hope your having a great week!

  14. love pink shorts!! i got some at the loft. i would wear any color shorts, really. love the colors!

  15. love your shoes!! those pink shorts are awesome too!

  16. Love the pops of color in your bracelet and toes!! Great outfit!

  17. Love the pink shorts! I love the first ones with the scalloped edges!

  18. I actually have a pair of J. Crew's hot pink shorts, and they surprisingly match a lot of stuff! As for the funny games, we always punched each other for "out of state license plates." :)

  19. i tagged you in a post today! :)

  20. I really want some of those shamrock-cut shorts. I'm seeing them everywhere & they are adorable!!!

  21. Those sayings brought back memeories! Made me smile. You look goregous as always! And i am loving my red shorts from the Gap Factory Outlet. bring on the warm weather!!
    Because Shanna Said So

  22. Circle circle dot dot was my fave! :)

    Love your jeans, so cute!

  23. your cognac wedges are gorgeous!

  24. Visiting from the Pleated Poppy! Love that bag and your shoes! :)

  25. You look completely adorable! Just add a basket and you're ready for an Easter parade!

  26. We always slapped each other when we saw "woodies" hahaa :) and I am loving those bright blue shorts!

  27. I am the queen of the slug bug game. Until I got married and my hubs isn't very good at it and it ended up with me hitting him all the time. It wasn't very good for our relationship, so I stopped.
    xox Whitney

  28. Love the pink shorts! Found you via pleated poppy! Your adorable!

  29. Heya!
    I'm stopping by from Rolled Up Pretty

    I love your outfit!! Love the bag! And I ADORE the bracelets.. the colours really pop (haha I actually wrote poop first wooops). AND OMG your nail polish matches! LOVE! I'm definitely following you via GFC now :) YAY!

    So glad to meet you!!
    Your newest friend,

    Ps. I'm starting a brand new blog hop for movie lovers on Friday.. and I've love it if you'd stop by!! :)

  30. Ps. I'm also gonna follow you on pinterest as well.


    The shorts are adorable! I want me some!


  31. Finally getting to catch up on the blog roll, so, sorry I'm late with the comment!
    My hubs and I still do slug bug but we get different amount of hits depending on the color, new vs. old, or convertible vs. not.
    I tried on pink and tangerine colored shorts today and they're cute! I ended up just getting plain white, though ;-)


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