Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Happy Wednesday Y'all!!!
Halfway there ladies!

(you know...from the transformers?!)
How many of you have a guy that watches movies over and over and over again?! They can reenact or quote every scene of that movie?

Well...Eric actually has quite a few of those! One in particular is Transformers. If its on cable...its playing on the TV! I think I know that soundtrack by heart as well!
Then we have...The A Team and Lord of the Rings!

I can be in the next room and know exactly what movie Eric is watching!

Don't they know that the ID Channel is constantly playing great shows...heehee?!?!

What movies are always on at your house?!?!

This is my "oh crap...the neighbors just walked
out and I hope they don't see me" face.

Shirt, Purse and Neckalce: F21
White Jeans: The Loft
Bracelet: Chloe vs Tank (coupon code: BUYME for 30% off!)

pleated poppy 

Ready for some Pinterst with
Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

Have a great day ladies!!!

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  1. love the outfit! i always wonder what my neighbors are thinking when i'm posing too!

  2. LOVE your face with your neighbors watching - you are too cute!! and this outfit may be one of my favorites of yours! my brother can remember every line from every movie too!

  3. YOu look adorable! I love those white pants! And those orange shorts, oh my goodness how cute!

  4. Gorgeous! And I can recite every word to Grease and Urban Cowboy. So I just told my age and what a dork I am!

  5. Umm, I do the same thing when the neighbors come out. Too bad not everyone understands outfit-photos-for-the-blog days :). I love your top - so cute!

  6. Super cute outfit! It must be a guy thing watching the same movies over and over again. My hubby does it, too.

    ~Christy (

  7. Cute cute! Saw you were from Texas, me too :) I just submitted an ad through Passionfruit.
    XOXO Ginny

  8. such a cute outfit! love it! my BF & I love transformers! however I would say wedding crashers & i love you man are always playing at our house! we cant get enough!


  9. Hey little lady... Grab my new button :) and I need a 300x60 from you! Pretty pretty please!

  10. Love that top. & at our house it's "gladiator"! I think my husband gets up early every morning to watch it & grade papers.

  11. i love your outfit. you look super cute! lovely pins today!

  12. I love your cute summery outfit! I wish we could watch those kinds of movies over and over. Right now my 2 year old is obsessed with "Blues Clues" and "Backyardigans." I am slowing going crazy!

  13. Yellows & Oranges are my favorite!!! I absolutely love your style and all the pins you posted!! :]


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