Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Ray of Neon Sunshine!

Shorts: Express; Shirt: Kohls; Necklace: Francesca's

Oh man...funny story. You know from yesterday's post that we went to a nice restaurant on Saturday. Well we had the waitress take a photo of us. (that I am not showing on here!)
I guess during E and I adjusting for the photo...E's arm or shoulder must have pulled my dress down and half my boob was exposed!! black bra was...luckily it was a plain black bra that covered everything! but still!!! It was kind of embarrassing. Not sure if anyone even saw...I actually noticed it pretty quickly after the photo was taken.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?!
In the footsteps of Katie referencing Friends...This is Rachel from Friends flashing her butt at Barry's wedding!

pleated poppy


Ready for some Pinterst with
Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

I really want a chambray shirt!!
Having a hard time finding one tho...

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Get in my belly...I mean it!

Y'a have a happy hump day!!

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  1. hahhaha I LOVE that story!!! ;) lol. & I adore your outfit!!


  2. first of all I love those shorts - they look awesome on you!! and I appreciate your friends reference for sure. I wonder if the waitress noticed your little slip. : )

  3. Ugh, I hate it when I have food in my teeth and I notice it in the bathroom! Then I'm pissed that no one that I was with said anything to me!

  4. Great blog! New follower here from

  5. i LOVE express shorts! I have a few pairs they fit so well!

    That yellow purse is perfect for summer!

  6. Your yellow necklace is to die for, and I love the yellow summery!!

  7. Try Old Navy for a Chambray shirt! I was just there this weekend and they have a bunch!


  8. I will always LOL at Rachel's Princess Bubbleyum dress.

  9. This happens to me too often... I've learned to always look down just to check ;)

  10. Love the mint/green combo you pinned!! And yes - Old Navy has chambray :)

    Love your neon shorts outfit. I wasn't keen on neon and this week, I've seen a few looks I really like!!!

  11. i love your shorts and necklace, wish we had a francesca's here!

    that story is so funny!

  12. Loving the yellow necklace and shorts combo! It's perfect that you just added a simple tee and spiced it up with jewelry. Glad the picture remained PG13! ha ha

  13. Cute outfit! Love the yellow shorts! I just posted a post about finding decent length shorts, I will have to look at Express. Those pinterest outfits are adorable! I got my chambray at old navy and one at American eagle. Try there!

    Have a happy Wednesday :)

  14. I LOVE your outfit and all of the yellow~!!

  15. Just saw you at and COMPLETELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the the yellow!!!!!!! pippa I will definitely put you in my favs!

  16. i LOVE your blog!! found you on annie sauce!

  17. Bah! I'm in love with your outfit...especially the necklace! :)

  18. Mint and yellow: the perfect color combination! Love your outfit and the pinterest pictures.

  19. Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as half as cute as this, it must be the best thing ever :)


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