Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Shirt & Tote: Old Navy //  Shorts & Shoes: Express
Necklace: F21 //  Bracelet: Chloe vs Tank

These are the new wedges I got at Express for
40% off since Tank ate my other ones :-/

To be honest...I have no clue how to accessorize!! And looking back...I don't think I really like this necklace paired with this outfit. Maybe I should've gone with an all gold necklace?? I don't know...

How would you accessorize this outfit?!?!
I always love your suggestions!

Oh and y'all are seriously gonna get tired of the ways I try to pair my chambray shirt with everything haha!!

pleated poppy

My Inspiration...


Ready for some Pinterest with
Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

hope y'all have a fantastic Wednesday!!!


  1. Love what you put together! I love look at pictures for inspiration! xoxo A-

  2. You are so stinkin cute! Love this outfit!

  3. I love the chambray with those bright yellow shorts and I love that you tied it. So cute! For me, I always tend to lean on the more is less when it comes to accessorizing. With button up tops, I'd wear a simple short chain necklace and maybe add a watch or cute bangle(s). WIth a non button top that's when I pull out my long necklaces. I just feel the buttons usually get in the way-I don't know. Not that it doesn't look cute...that's just my rule of thumb. Also, you look super tan! Jealous!! I love the coach bag. Happy Wednesday girl!

  4. WOW I love the color of those shorts! And this type of shirt is so great because it can go with almost anything!

  5. What a fun outfit! The colors are great and you are amazing at accessorizing I think :)

    P.S. I so need to order a bracelet from your shop. I love them all!

  6. I wish I could wear yellow :/ My skin tone just doesn't look good with yellow clothes! Love those shorts!

  7. I LOVE your shorts!! They look great on you.

  8. Just found your blog and love it! I'm your newest follower :)

  9. I absolutely love the wedges! And the yellow shorts are so cute!

  10. I love your shorts paired with those wedges...SO CUTE!!

  11. I love your chambray shirt! I need one in my life! And I am gonna buy one of those nifty bracelets ASAP! I bookmarked it !

  12. Look at you cuteness!!! LOVE the shorts and chambray combo!

  13. Totally digging those neon shorts!!! And loving your blog will defs keep reading & following! So glad I stumbled across your blog :)


  14. I love the outfit. Chambray makes anything look dazzling. I think I would've worn the gold necklace along with the one you already have on.


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