Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On My Mind Tuesday!

I have quite a few things on my mind today!!!

1. how to fix my hair for my engagement photos next week???? this has been bothering me lol. My hair is flat...I'm horrible at fixing it...I swear I am clueless when it comes to fixing my hair. I did hire a make up artist and hair stylist to help me out tho heehee. maybe she can work a miracle! I do kind of like the half pulled back tho like in the 2nd and 3rd pics.

2. To get a puppy or not to get a puppy?!?! Are'nt these so cute?! the first is a bull mastiff and the second is a bulldog (we would choose one of these breeds). we really want another pup but it's so easy right now...with just clo clo.

3. I really hope everyone participates in the MMM (Motivate Me Monday) next will be the first link up! Read HERE for more info!

4. I bought some riding boots!! I went the cheap route and bought some for $40. HOWEVER, I am returning them. I found its best to splurge a little on boots...the cheaper they are the cheaper they will look. So I ended up buying these yesterday!! I should receive them by Thursday!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

5. Eric ordered our Halloween stuff for the costume party this weekend. We will be Marvel comic book characters. I will be the woman version of Thor and Eric is the Hulk! We will be airbrushing E's body with green body paint!!!

Are you guys gonna dress up for halloween? And if what?!
Have you jumped on the "riding boot" band wagon?!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Those hair styles are so cute! I can never fix mine myself, either. I have visions but I can never recreate it.

    I probably shouldn't answer the question on getting a puppy. haha! I'm a sucker. I would say YES, get one!! ;-)

  2. ah hard, i do hair and still struggle...i like it down with pieces pulled back like in the want to be able to always see your face on your wedding!!! :) good luck on your pics. im sure they will be beautiful!

  3. Hi there! As for your hair...I love the half up and half down...maybe a braid on the side? I think you should show off your fun- wedding planning was my favorite thing! I loved everything about it....hope you do as well.

  4. I'm sure your pictures will be really nice, no matter what you do! don't stress.

    I love the boots you got. I got a couple pairs of boots from Amazon that were on clearance at the end of last season - I only paid about $20 a piece - and I love them. they aren't riding boots. funny thing is, I have riding boots - but I use them for riding! I won't ever wear them out and about, though, because they are covered in mud. :) I'm glad to see them coming into style!

  5. I love the hairdo's...especially half back with a braid. And cute costume ideas! I'm going as Holly Golightly/Audrey Hepburn :)

  6. i love those boots...i soooooo need a pair!

  7. Definitely get a puppy!!! If you can, that is! We live in an apartment in San Francisco, so I can't have one, but the second I buy a house, I'm getting a dog too! And no matter how you do your hair, your engagement pics will be beautiful! I stressed about our pictures for weeks...just be yourself!
    xo Steph

  8. I am all over the riding boot bandwagon I just have to buy some! Haha but I keep looking at them and loving them! And puppies are like babies! If they weren't so cute we might not like them so much haha. Good luck with your new puppy!

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