Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh Sweet Puppies...!

Some of this kind of rolls over from a piece of my post yesterday...

(Get it??? I must ask you a question! bahahahaha)

Aren't puppies so adorable?!?! Yes? Yes!

Well we are thinking of getting a new puppy. A bullmastiff or a bulldog. I know E reads the blog so maybe...just maybe...he will want one even more heehee!

So linking up today with The Vintage Apple for

This is our pup chloe as a puppy! (she is 3.5 now!)

and here are some more puppy pics I found on Pinterest!!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: None via Amanda on Pinterest

Do you have any pets?!
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And since it was a little chilly this morning...if you know me at all...I love me some are some coffee and coffee desserts! via Pinterest of course!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

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Happy Hump Day!!!!


  1. HAHAHA HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love that!

    Puppies are always so cute, I can't look too long or ill want another. Ha


  2. Ahh I love puppies!! Especially mine. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! The puppy pins are a-dorable! Love them all :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. awww puppies!
    i cant wait to see pictures of your own!
    did you make up your mind love?

    and the coffee desserts yum!!
    now i want coffee .. starbucks to be
    more specific haha <3


  5. oh yes two puppies, we have two and they are so much fun. a jack russell and a jack russell italian greyhound mix, we have to give them lots of exercise for sure! cant wait to see photos of your new puppy!

  6. That 1st coffee image looks absolutely delicious! xo

  7. Oh my as a puppy...I die of cuteness! What a sweet fluff ball!

  8. !!! The puppy in the swing? Adorable!

  9. Puppies and desserts!? It doesn't get much better than that! :)


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