Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bri at Breezy Days {Guest Post}

Hi all you 'For Love of a Cupcake' followers!

My name is Bri {not like the cheese} :)

I'm a born & raised Southern California girl, who is now livin' in a small Utah town and adjusting to the weather being below 65 degrees for half of the year.
I enjoy utilizing my closet to the max because I'm the typical poor newlywed & college student. 
I gotta get creative!
If this sounds like your cup of 7-11 hot chocolate:
Check me out over at Breezy Days!

 I have an obsession with shoes.

There, I've said it. I should join Shoes Anonymous now or something.
Ok, maybe it's just more of an obsession of clothes, shoes, and any kind of accessory in general...
BUT that is beside the point here. 

I want to lay out the 5 essential shoes every woman needs!
And what to wear it with of course, which is the most important part :)

1 Pair of Ferocious Flats
Grab a neutral pair. Tan, black, white, etc.
And guess what, leopard print and snakeskin count as a neutral!
I'm SO obsessed with flats. They look classic, they come in a bazillion colors, they go with pretty much everything, and if you find the right pair they are sooo comfy.
Wear with: Any length of skirt, pants, capris, shorts, you name it! Flats go with just about everything.

1 Pair of Stylish Sneakers
For all you mom's who are running around after the lil ones this is an essential.
It's also meant for you to work out and get that bod you've been wanting!
Wear with: yoga pants, workout shorts, cute sweats

1 Pair of Hawt Heels
This is can double as work heels or as some leg lengtheners for your hot date this weekend :)
Classic black is the way to go if you are starting out your shoe collection.
If you want taller heels without the strain of trying to walk in them, try out heels with a platform on the front. They give you more height, without making you fall over when you walk.
Wear with: pencil skirts, trouser jeans, skinny jeans rolled up, boyfriend jeans (a good contrast!), an A-line dress.

1 Pair of Riding Boots
These neutral boots can take you from Fall all the way to the drizzle in Spring.
They are flattering on all women: short, tall, curvy, skinny, you name it.
Wear with: Above the knee skirts/dresses for spring, pencil skirts for fall, over skinny jeans.

1 Pair of Wild Wedges
Umm, so cute?! I absolutely loooove snakeskin. Goes with everything!
Wedges are good for those who are quite accustomed to heels. 
Makes you taller without the hassle of walking on a stiletto.
Wear with: swingy skirts, flirty dresses, loose summer-y shorts, boyfriend jeans
Well, thanks to Amanda for letting me guest post.
Come on over to Breezy Days for a plethora of:
Sassiness, outfits, recipes, fun happenins', and thoughts I have on being newly married while tryin' to finish up school. Thanks again!
<3 Bri


Oh my goodness!
I will def be buying me some snakeskin wedges!
Now go check out Bri {HERE}!
I know you'll love her!

After you visit {HERE} to enter the current giveaway!

AND if you're ready to tackle your health and fitness...check out the 24 day challenge or visit THIS page for a nutrition and workout plan!




  1. I love bri :)
    I am also loving her guest post!

  2. check, check ,check
    i have them all :)
    guess i can join the club now?

    Melina ♥

  3. I have a serious shoe problem too! Love this post!

  4. I love the red shoes!

  5. Those wedges are to die for! literally!

  6. I LOVE snakeskin too :) I think you covered all of the footwear basics here

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  8. Now following Bri! :) I love the shoes you chose!

    I tagged you in a post! Check it out. :)


  9. I just found your blog and it is so cute! I love it!

    Also Bri is super cute. Love her blog and her style!

    Xo, Brielle

  10. I bought a pair of neutral glitter flats this weekend. I was so excited I pranced around the house in them, all anxious to wear them out today.

    But then it snowed this morning and my glitter flats have to make an appearance another day..

  11. Boots = love! I wasn't so sure about riding boots at first but now they're the next thing on my list!

    xo Shane


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