Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dressing Room Mishap

dress: c/o frock candy (same dress)

or throw a tee over it!!

dress: c/o frock candy (same dress)
gray tee: old navy

So...I'm currently obsessed with all the ways I will be wearing this dress! Frock Candy is def one of my new fav stores. I can't believe blogging has opened my eyes to so many wonderful and affordable shops!! 

you can bet your butt I'll be wearing 
this dress with tights and these boots soon!!


Ok seriously....

Isn't it normal for department store employees to knock on a dressing room door before letting someone come in inside?

Well... I was at Victoria Secret trying on some cute stuff for our honeymoon.

First of all...I sat by the dressing room for about five minutes before I had to go up to the register so they could track someone down with a key to the rooms.

Then...I was in there for maybe five minutes (yeah I'm one of those people who take forever!). I can hear one of the employees talking to another customer and sounded like she was about to open a room for her.

All of a sudden the door swings open and I yell out.
I'm pretty sure everyone saw me...the employee giggles and shuts the door. No apology...nothing.

Especially in a store like this...why would you not knock on the door first to double check?

Needless to say...I was getting hangry so I def let it be known at the register what happened.

Who wants to be half naked and strangers see you????
goodness gracious....
anyways...hope you ladies have a great day!!!


  1. Let me just say you look so gorgeous in these pictures! Also, one of my favorite outfit posts I have seen in awhile! I need that dress!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. love that dress! so gorgeous!

  3. HaHa HANGRY! I love that term I use it all the time!!

  4. LOVE your dress girl!!!

    I would have been mad too & definitely let them know, that is so not okay!

    <3 Melissa

  5. Get 'em, girl! You don't mess with a hangry girl!

  6. OMG! It's even worse that it was in Victoria's Secret!!!

    I love the dress and the tee over it gives it a completely different look! Adorable!

  7. omgosh that sounds awful! i can't believe they didn't even apologize!

  8. Wow that's so rude! I can't believe she didn't even apologize. I'm glad you raised hell though. I used to work for one of VS's sister companies and they really reprimand their employees when things like that happen. Phew!


  9. omgosh! lol ya that'd probly be the worst! And I can't believe she just laughed and didn't say nething!

  10. first, you look way cute! Second, that's not ok! I can't believe they didn't knock OR apologize!

  11. That is crazy! I would be mad too! And I love your dress :)

  12. That is the worst shop to have that happen in. Hopefully you found what you wanted at least

  13. Love the dress on you!! Gorgeous! I can't believe she didn't apologize or anything!!

  14. That dress is so cute. I wish I hadn't sworn to myself I wasn't going to buy anymore clothes. I love it!

  15. you look so cute! love that dress!

    and i cant believe she didnt at least apologize, that's terrible!

  16. what a beautful dress! and I love the tee tied over it! I would have been so embarrassed - why would they walk in??

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  18. I love the shirt over the dress- I will definitely be trying that! And having someone walk in on me has always been one of my biggest fears- so I usually stick my shopping bags under the door a little bit so that it's clear someone is using the room!

  19. Not cool. Not cool at all. i would not have liked that! But I do love this look especially with the grey tee. Super cute!

  20. Yeah, I would have been angry, too! I once had a little boy--who was old enough to know better--pop up under my dressing room at a Kohl's. I screamed out, and his mother and grandmother just said, "Stop," in a whiny voice and never apologized! If I had ever done that to a stranger in a dressing room, my mama would have spanked me every which way!

  21. Horrible!! The fact that she giggled would have pissed me off.

  22. I loveee the dress & the idea to put the shirt over it! So cute!!! I can't believe that happened!! Of course no one apologized, there's like zero customer service anymore! That's like my fear in public bathrooms!

  23. You look so cute! I love the idea with the t-shirt--I'll have to bookmark it for future outfit ideas!

    And that's so horrible that she walked in on you and didn't even apologize. I would probably never return to the store!!! I would be too angry and mortified.



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