Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!


I was never really a big fan of Taylor Swift but I am loving her new album :-/

Some mornings I get up early just to drink my coffee and blog and watch tv before Rea gets up!


Favorite moment of the week was when chloe brought a toy to Rea expecting Rea to play and throw it haha! Then when her and Tank were playing on the floor...she just rolled over to him and he was so gentle!


We tried a new whey protein powder ...Cellucor's Mint Chocolate Chip... AND I LOVE IT!! It tastes like an Andes Mint.'s good...bit can see myself getting tired of it after the tub is done will def try another flavor after that.

I haven't even started Christmas shopping ...hoping to start on that this weekend! I do this to myself every would think I'd learn lol.

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I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rea Rea - 5 months old

I seriously cannot believe she is already 5 months old.


So this last month was a crazy crazy month. Her sleeping was ridiculous. Like waking up every hour on the dot ridiculous. This past week...she's back to her normal 10 hours at night...thank goodness!

She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She will break her neck to watch the tv if she hears the Hot Diggity Dog Song!

Every night she has a rolling marathon in her crib at LEAST for 10 minutes before falling asleep. 

She must be teething...that's all I need to say with this subject :-/

She loves her fruit and veggies and she eats it so well!! Can't wait to start her on the non mashed up food. I started using this mesh thing I found at Walmart to put strawberries in and she loves sucking the juices out of it! Pretty much when she's done....there's barely anything left.

Have a great day!

Gift Guides: His & Hers Plus White Elephant

So these are our gift guides to each other this year!

For the ladies...especially bloggers...I'm sure a lot of you already have these items. BUT I do these are a big want for me!
For Her:
Naked Eyeshadow by Urban Decay - I've seen reviews about this eyeshadow over the years and recently watched Jessie James Decker's makeup tutorial and thought I would give it a try!

Cross Body Purse - Since having Rea...I hate carrying around a big purse plus her diaper bag. I think a small cross body will be perfect!

Monogram Necklace - Monogram and gold. Need I say more?!

Converse - I have loved these for forever. I used to have a black pair but i think white will go with so much more and will become a staple in my wardrobe.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer - I LOVE bronzer and think it's about time to try a good brand!


For Him:
Yeti Coffee Mug - Eric loves a good travel mug especially when hunting!

A Good Craft Beer - lately Eric has been loving some craft beers and thought I would give this one a try. It's rated very well on the list of great craft beers!

Pajama/Lounge Pants - Eric loves him some comfy lounge pants! I saw these at H&M and they are super soft!

Tub of Protein - much as he works out and drinks protein shakes....this is a no-brainer!

House Shoes - these house shoes by Ugg are seriously super soft inside! And have a decent sole so he can wear them while taking out the trash heehee!


I usually stick with items that I think could be fun or interesting and that people could possibly use!

Mason Jar Cookie Jar
Wooden Spice Box
Mozzarella Cheese Making Kit
Beverage Cubes

Insulated Tote w/ Blanket

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adding Healthy Fats to Your Diet

For me... 20% to 30% of my calories per day are coming from healthy fats. They really should be an essential part of anyone's diets and fitness journey.

Here are a few you can easily add into your daily diet plan and some reason why!


What are some of your favorite healthy fats?
have a great day!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekendings - Finally Cut Down Our Tree

So we finally cut down our Christmas tree yesterday and Rea did sooooo well! 

Every year we go to a Christmas tree farm called Dewberry Farms and it was fun to bring her this time!

Do you guys put up a real tree or a fake one?

Oh after WEEKS of Rea waking up hourly throughout the night....she finally slept thru for three nights in a row. THANK YOU!! 

I'm not sure if it was the 4 month regression thing or if it's because she is teething but that was a tough stretch....let's hope I didn't just jinx myself. Now she's rolling all over the place AND rolling into her stomach during the night which is SCARY!

How was your weekend? I'm linking up with Biana today!

Have a great day!