Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Some of my thoughts and fav moments throughout the week!

1. Rea is absolutely loving her jumper now that she's getting the hang of jumping!! She's too big for her bouncer now and I need something to keep her entertained for minutes here and there!

2. I know that all babies spit up but Rea's has been ridiculous. Spit Up in my coffee, spit up in my mouth, 3 bibs or more PER feeding, projectile thru the's everywhere! We switched to Walmart Brand Formula on Monday....and what do you's 99% better! We do still take medicine for her reflux though.

Compare Premium Infant Formula Brands

3. Barkbox - the dogs absolutely love it. It comes once a month with toys and treats and it's the highlight of their day! We just received this months on Wednesday!!

4. I saw this on Pinterest and love it! Would be a cute Christmas gift. But for real y'all...We wouldn't have survived our first night as parents if my mom hadn't stayed the night with us :-/
 I haven't been this excited about Friday since last Friday! #talkituptv!
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I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

So lately I've been loving me some organic baby leggings. 

Nope...Rea isn't wearing any in these photos...we only have one pair that for her right now.
They are not the cheapest especially when Rea is only wearing clothes for two months or so at a time :-/ Headbands aren't cheap either!

Below are some of my favorite picks!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Did you know that there is a whole world of Brand Reps on Instagram? Shops will choose a few kids to send free stuff to and the parents take high quality photos of their kiddos wearing the items.


Just search the tag #BrandRepSearch

Seriously...I'm jealous of these kiddos haha!!

I tried out one for Reaghan...well of course I did...she's the cutest thing in the world to ME haha! She didn't get it....I'll chalk it up to the fact she can't sit up or crawl yet!
Just let me believe that...ok!?

But also...when you try out for these brand rep have to repost the shops image in your feed and I don't like to bombard my followers with this type of feed too much.

So I'm not sure where this post is going...other than the fact I love me some organic leggings and there are some cute kids out there repping these stores!

Whether you have kids, nieces, nephews or friends with kids...these would make cute little Christmas gifts!
Have a great day y'all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Favorite Sports Bras

For is so hard finding a supportive sports bra...does anyone else have this problem?

I need the heavy duty shit, yall lol. Don't give me some light way t-shirt material with no support!
I actually usually layer two for added support.

One of my fav sports bras is THIS's called the Shock Absorber. I buy them at Bare Necessities. They have a large selection and you get to choose the size you need. I think they even go up to a cup size of HH!
If you sign up for their'll get lots of coupons!
I'm sure you can find it on other websites as well like or

Another favorite sports bra is more of a medium support from Victoria's Secret. Not to mention they are cute! Find it HERE.
Where do you buy your fav sports bras from!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fitness 101 - Push Ups to Tone Your Arms

I posted about these Push Up variations a long long time ago but wanted to do it again because I love it so much.

Complete all 3 variations doing 10 reps of each...resting 1 minute in between and then repeat for a total of 3-4 sets.

I'm doing a regular push up, the triangle push up and the pike push up.

Tank is obviously not impressed with this haha.
Let me know if you try it!!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Restless Nights

I cant wait until she can sit up and start crawling! she changes so much every day...I'm very lucky to be able to stay at home with her...for now...!

Last week was actually kind of a rough week. She has been more whine-y and her sleeping has been restless. Sometimes (like last night) I'm having to get up every hour on the dot. (We are so used to her sleeping at least 10's been a little tiring lol!)
I had downloaded this app called The Wonder Weeks....and it said this time would be 'stormy' because she is at the beginning of a 'leap'. You'll have to download the app if you have a little one! It kind of explains what is happening and their little brain develops.

Well I'm pooped yall! 

How was your weekend? We definitely had a great trip to Austin!