Friday, March 16, 2012

Grrr... David's a giveaway winner!

YAY!! it's Friday!!
First and foremost...I'm sure you want to know who
the winner of the Mashugana earrings are?!?!

Congrats to...
Kara Rowe from All in a Row{e}
(I'll email you later!)

As I said earlier this week...I was not happy with David's Bridal. Do you remember last weeks post {here} about bridesmaid dresses?
Well...I thought about it and I def wanted my sisters to wear this dress...

So I had them call to order.

My sister calls me back within 10 minutes and David's Bridal said it was discontinued!

We just tried on dresses maybe 3 weeks prior. Why would they not mention that when I told the sales lady we would be calling to order this particular dress soon. They even made the note on my account so my bridesmaids could call them directly.


So...since there is really no where to look at Bridesmaids dresses (unless you ladies have a suggestion?)...
I found another dress at David's Bridal that looks similar. I will be making an appointment soon to have my ladies try them on.

I just want to thank everyone last week for your comments! They helped so much!

I think I have decided that all of my ladies
will wear the same dress.

hopefully this one looks good...

That is...if David's Bridal doesnt turn around two weeks later and discontinue it. GRRR!

I still kind of like the other one better...I guess we are back to the drawing board.


On another note...I seriously need to get my save the dates out. Did anyone else hate asking for everyone's address?
We ordered these from Wedding Paper Divas and love them!!


I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Ok so WHERE in Cypress are you getting married?! We got married out there too! (At Northwest Forest!!)

  2. Do you have an Alfred Angelo near you? That's where my girls got their dresses and they loved them and the service! Also, love that save the date!

  3. Wedding paper divas rock!! We were pleased with our announcements too!

  4. Oh my gosh, that's crap!! They should have told you that! I'm sorry!! :( Asking for everyone's address did get aggarvating!! Love the save the date though :) Yall are adorable!

  5. I got a call from the boutique where I was getting my dresses sayin it was being discontinued an I had 2 weeks to get my order in I I wanted it. She was super nice and knocked some $$ off the dress for all the trouble. It sucks that David's Bridal didn't give you better service or at least call to let you know about the dress. On the flip side, the save the dates are so cute!

  6. looove your save the dates!
    and yes I hated trying to get everyones address!

  7. your save the dates are so cute!!!
    and that is so annoying about david's bridal. one of my friends blood pressure always starts to rise at the thought of davids bridal haha
    happy friday!
    xx jes

  8. Your save the dates came out awesome!! I've had issues with David's bridal in the past too! Ugh I'm sorry you had to deal with that - its going to turn out beautiful regardless:)

  9. The save the dates are beautiful! You're getting married in Cypress? I got married in Sugar Land. Opposite sides of Houston :) Oh and you're getting married on my birthday which I happen to think is an awesome day, so you're wedding will probably be amazing...just saying! Happy Friday!

  10. Yay!!! I LOVE those earrings - can't wait to wear them!

    I had nothing but problems with David's Bridal when it came to the bridesmaids dresses. We had the same problem and I would never recommend them to anyone. It's terrible that they have a sort of monopoly in the industry, though. I wish another company would match up to them!

    LOVE your announcements! I got my invitations through WPD and couldn't have been happier with them!

  11. Love your save the dates! I hope everything works out with the dresses, that is so frustrating! Happy Friday!

  12. To heck with David's Bridal! It will all work out! :)

  13. I cant believe David's Bridal!!! I do like the new bridesmaid's dresses tho!
    & your save the dates look amazing girl!!!

  14. My finace and I are getting married on 9/22! Love your save the date:)

  15. Just found your blog! And I see you're getting married soon. AND AND the date you're getting married is my birthday. YAY!


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