Friday, July 20, 2012


So glad it's Friday!!

1. no makeup! I only feel comfortable doing this after I apply self tanner lol!
2. casual friday last friday!
3. weekend wear! headed to Target with Eric
4. about to grill some steaks! ok...maybe Eric was lol!

5....random thoughts.

1. I got to see my new little nephew yesterday!!! Healthy as can be and a whopping 9lbs 3ozs lol!

2. We still have lots of wedding stuff to do! And in not too much time. We are getting married 9.28.12!

3. Eric seriously needs to get over his camera phobia!!

4. Could I be any more obsessed with clothing and trends and head wraps and maxis and rompers? no!

5. So ready to have a glass of wine tonight! Much needed...this has been the busiest week ever!

I hope y'all have the best weekend ever!!

PS... hoping by Sunday to have the big July giveaway up!


  1. I am definitely on the maxi dress bandwagon! How exciting that the wedding is so close!

  2. you look gorg without makeup - ugh. not. fair. AND I almost got those coral sandals at target yesterday but the mr. was with me and I didn't want to hear him gripe! loll.

  3. your wedding is so soon!! and you can definitely leave your house with no makeup! : ) congrats on your nephew!!!

  4. I'd come share a bottle of wine with you too tonight! Haha, it's been a long week. Have a good weekend girl !!

  5. Have a fabulous weekend too!

  6. You are beautiful!! Congrats on your nephew! I am also obsessed with clothes..maxis..accessories...please help! ha

  7. Maxis & rompers = sooo obsessed too!

    Totally agree with needing a glass of wine tonight as well. White zinfandel anyone? :)

  8. happy weekend! and congrats on your nephew! i'm obsessed with maxis!!

  9. You look fabulous without makeup!! Love all of your outfits too. Enjoy your wine tonight :)

  10. I just love all of your outfits! They look so cute and effortless at the same time. Your wedding is coming up, I hope all of the last minute things go well!

  11. You look fab with no makeup, girl! :) Happy weekend! xo

  12. make-up! you look gorgeous lady! :)

  13. i hear ya on the wine gf!!!! what a WEEK!
    happy weekend :)

  14. Wow your wedding will be here before you know it!

  15. youre blog is adorable! love it! i am a new follower and I am lovinggg your style!


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