Friday, January 6, 2012

Fake Bake...or Self Tanner?

Ok ladies!

I have to say that I get so busy and it seems like I rush to get everywhere!
(By the way...I typed in RUSH on Pinterest and a lot of random stuff came these two images!)

Anyways! Back to my point...
I did tan in a tanning salon on and off for many years. But it seems the last few years I haven't really gone and got out of that I was pale all the time...except in the summer!

There are so many women out there with that great porcelain pale skin...I am NOT ONE OF THOSE women lol! 

I look better with a TAN!

And since I don't really go to tanning beds anymore...I found SUN.
No...not the sun outside!

SUN Tanning Lotion by Giese'e

I seriously LOVE this stuff! And have been using it for a few months now.
I would def recommend this product to anyone...however there are a few things you may need to know first lol!
(maybe I shoud get SUN to pay me for promoting them haha!)

1. It does have a teensy bit of smell but nothing you can't handle.

2. It WILL stain your hands unless you wash them after applying it to EACH LIMB. Seriously...after each limb/part of your body. You can use gloves but it doesn't work as good.

3. I work from my legs up...with the tops of my hands being last. (because you don't want to wash your hands after you apply a tiny bit to the tops of your hands or it will wash off!)

4. It looks GREEN when it comes out of the bottle! But don't worry! You won't turn green like Eric was for Hallowen!

5. I found that it's best to apply it at night at least 30 minutes before bed time!

6. You will wake up looking SUPER DARK! But after you take a lightens up a little bit.

7. I buy the "dark" but there is one shade darker. I am contemplating going to the darker shade.

8. I try to apply it every three days or so.

9. I buy mine at They always email you great discount codes! I probably pay the same amount on this lotion per month as I would for a monthly fee at a tanning salon.

10. It seems like a pain and a lot of work just to apply self tanner...but I don't mind! I love the end result!

Have any of you ever heard of SUN or use it?



  1. never heard of it before but want it! I also like being tan but will no long go to tanning beds. I'd rather do the fake stuff!

  2. I have never heard of this before! I would rather do the fake stuff then lay in a tanning bed! Im always scared I will get stuck in the tanning bed!

  3. I fake baked for years until about 5 years ago and I had a spot removed that was skin cancer. NO THANKS. The pain of that removal alone was enough to convince me. I tell my friends that still go to the tanning bed, "Go have your cancer treatment because that's what your setting yourself up for." I am not fair skin. I tan super easy to the myth that people who tan easily can't get skin cancer is wrong! I fake it all the way. I still get in the sun but with SPF 50 on. I have also not used SUN but I do love St. Tropez Tanning lotion. And they make these towelletts that you can wash your hands with afterwards and it takes all the staining off. The are wonderful.

  4. I gave up my tanning bed addiction in the spring of 2011, and it was probably the best decision I've ever made. It was SO HARD because I always felt so much more confident when I was tan, so learning to appreciate what Vermont Winters do to any natural tan I had from the summer has been really hard! I just decided it wasn't worth the risk or $$ anymore. I have never heard of SUN but I do use St. Tropez which is right along the same lines. I wish someone would just create one that didn't have any weird scent!! How have they not discovered this yet?? haha.

  5. I've never heard of it, but I need to try it!

  6. I'm a white girl, so I used to tan a lot, too! I feel more confident when I'm tan but my bank account doesn't feel so confident. AND OF COURSE, the cancer risks scare me. Now I only use a tanning bed the month before I go on a beach vacation. I have been using cheapo self tanner (like Jergens), but maybe I should splurge on this!

  7. and love ...question
    does it stain your bed sheets?

    last self tanners i used
    left my white sheets brown -___-
    wanted to shoot myself

    Melina ♥

  8. I'm sooo pale but I'm not a fan of tanning beds so I usually rock the paleness (or so I try). I've never heard of this stuff before, maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for the review!

  9. This stuff sounds great! I have used random self tanners but I feel like it certain light I always look orange! Also, does it rub off a lot on clothes? I have used some that have stained clothes too!

  10. i, too, gave up laying in a tanning bed. when i was in the hospital after giving birth to my son, i read an article in the newspaper comparing the cancer risk of tanning beds to that of smoking cigarettes. i decided i was being a bit hypocritical for being so against smoking and then laying in tanning beds all the time. that and life wasn't just about me anymore. i had a brand new baby.

    i do not have that beautiful light skin either. i feel like i need a tan. i think without a tan, i look tired and drained and overweight? could that be possible?

    from there sprung my love for the spray tan. after paying $30 a spray tan that lasted a week, i decided to buy the machine myself. it has paid for itself in months.

  11. I'm always looking for a good self tanning lotion because I look like

    Does this make you look orange? I've had that problem before at literally sat and scrubbed it all off my skin because I looked horrible!

    You should take before and after pictures :)

  12. I've heard of this product, never tried it because I've always been afraid of self tanners until I started to use Neutrogena self tanner. I love it. But I want something alot darker. Maybe I'll try this product.

  13. Ha ha the girl on the bike picture is classic!

    I have tried a drug store brand self tanner once and did not like maybe I need to try this one! :)

  14. I have been wanting to use self tanner for the wedding but I'm afraid it will stain my dress. Does it stain?

  15. If you like it you should stick with it, but if you are paying the same amount as a tanning member ship why not just buy a membership for Mystic tanning? That way it's not as much work & you still get a good tan!

  16. Does hubby do your back for you?!

  17. I'm definitely one of those girls that looks better with a tan, too. I just never have one. :o/ I stopped using tanning beds and outdoor tanning over 3 years ago and I'm *trying* to embrace my natural skin color. But for special occasions, I'm totally in for this stuff!

  18. I'm gonna have to check this one out! I recently gave up the beds, so I'm faking it now. Check out my blog post on it.

    I'm a big fan of St. Tropez self tanner. But I do looooove the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze.

  19. Thanks for sharing!! I am always looking for a good self tanner! You have some good tips :)

  20. Can you pretty please Send me an invite to pinterest!

  21. I think this is way better for you than fake bakes, even if you do have to wash your hands after each limb.

  22. I have never heard of SUN before. I don't fake bake or use self-tanner. Even though I am white as a ghost during the winter, I know it's better for my skin :)

  23. Haven't tried SUN but I will check it ? does it stain your sheets?

  24. I'm definitely going to have to try this! I'm always down for trying out new self tanners!!



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