Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's OK Thursday! Singing at work? Oopsie!

One more day til Friday! We can make it!

I have to let y'all know...I've almost made it to 400 followers! I've only been blogging for just a little over 4 short months...and never in a million years would I think  anyone would read my!

I may not always get to respond to everyone's comments but I sure do read them all!

Now lets link up today with It's OK Thursday!

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It's OK...

...That while baby sitting the nephews...E is playing Ben 10 (the kid cartoon) on Wii and is sooooo into it that he has barely blinked and his eyes are really watery!!! It was kinda scary haha!

...That I caught myself singing out loud at work...oopsie!

...That I drive like a crazy person to beat the UPS guy to my house! They needed a signature and I needed my camera lol! However...some people would beg to differ that I drive like a crazy person ALL the time

...That I was and maybe am still a little intimidated by this camera!

...That we still have our Christmas tree up! You know YOU do too! Haha and it is seriously DEAD. At least I didn't kill it BEFORE Christmas this year.
Do you see Chloe's ornament?!?!

...That my sis forwarded me a you tube video of Tiffany (the singer) yesterday...we choreographed a dance to "I think we're alone now" when we were kids!! And we still know the moves!  Did you love her growing up too?


On another note...I am loving my new camera!

Here are just a few shots of Clo Clo...
the perfect model!

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What are you OK with today?



  1. My tree is still up too! It's probably super dead, but we still water it lol

  2. Our trees are still up too! And your puppy is adorable!

  3. I got the same camera and LOVE IT! Can't put it down. There are so many buttons on that thing it is a bit overwhelming. I found this great site that has some helpful tips I'm even thinking of taking their online photography class. Maybe you can find it useful too? :) happy photo taking!

  4. awww love those are amazing pictures!
    did you read my post today? haha i
    was like .. i am so jealous of
    everyone that got a camera for xmas!
    i need one ASAP .. but as off right
    now the Iphone will do .. so broke
    from Xmas and New Years! :(

    We still have our tree up lol
    i wish i didn't have to take it
    down .. i love the xmas deco
    and i want to keep it there lol

    and about the singing..

    yea high five! i sing all day
    everyday .. haha makes me happy!
    and it's perfectly fine cause
    all my coworkers be raping and
    singing too hahaha we crazy here!

    Melina ♥

  5. Love that you got a new camera!!!! I'm wanting a new one too and if it were me I would totally drive like a crazy person to beat the UPS man to my house haha

  6. So jealous of your aweosme new camera!! And PS. my sister and I loved Tiffany too! Were OBSESSED with her and even more so with that song. I still know all the words! =)


  7. I hum at work, but then sometimes I cetch myself singing too, ha! Loving your new camera ;) That is too funny that you drove to beat the UPS guy!

  8. Yay for a new camera! What kind did you get? I'm certainly not a pro but I am kinda camera obsessed and I have finally started building my portrait photography portfolio! If I can help you in any way just let me know. Have fun with it :)

  9. Um..I ALSO had a choreographed dance to "I Think We're Alone Now" with my sister as a kid. What a great song:) Happy Thursday!

  10. My tree is still up & it will be until Saturday! The 12 Days of Christmas doesn't end until the 6th, so when Epiphany begins my tree will go down!

    I have also caught myself singing at work, I think my co-workers are used to it cause no one gives me funny looks anymore.

    Congrats on almost 400 followers! I know how exciting that can be, I get excited with each new follower on my new little blog!

  11. I'm with Emily. My tree will be up until Saturday. You have SUCH an adorable dog!!

  12. You are so funny! I am just like you with the camera thing. I get mine today :) Ahhhh!

  13. oh clo clo you are so precious!! i bet my dogs would be good friends with your dog. i would be a crazy person too in order to get home before the ups guy showed up. i would hate to see that signature needed form attached to my door and that means waiting until the next day to receive the package, ugh!

  14. I sing at work all the time, it's only bad when someone catches me! I still have my tree up too

  15. My tree would be up too...except I didn't decorate my place this year.

    I did get back up to my place briefly and was welcomed home by your giveaway package! yay! thanks girl!

  16. I will be singing that for the next two days. Thanks oh and our Christmas tree is out in the yard. Yep the hubby just threw it outside ( we live in the country )

  17. I had it easy because this year I just put lights and ornaments on my 7 foot palm tree in our front room. And it's always ok to sing out loud girlfriend! Love those pics of your precious cute!

  18. aww hooray for almost making it to 400 followers! and u can add one more b/c i'm following now =)
    hope u'll follow back, i'm tryna make it to 100! <3

  19. your. puppy. is. precious!!!!



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