Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's got style...(or not)

I am def not a fashionista or a fashion blogger or even claim to have style.
But you know what...I absolutely love doing the "what I wore Wednesday" posts!
Do you know why?
They have seriously helped me with my own personal style (at least I think so). Finding what looks good and what doesn't and wearing things I wouldn't normally have worn. Slowly but surely I am finding my style.

And plus...dressing up is fun! What girl doesn't like to find a reason to dress up or buy new clothes?!
Want to see my outfits from the beginning to the most recent?! 
(I didn't realize I had done so many so far)
Here ya go!

I would say my style is very simple and casual.
and as you can see...I love my sunglasses!!

How would you describe your style?
Welp...that's it!
Y'all have a wonderful day!!

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  1. i love ALL of your outfits!! I'd say my style is the same..simple, casual and comfortable!!

  2. Its so fun that you can see your style changing =)

  3. Wow you have done a lot of outfit photos! I haven't had the courage to do it yet myself! I'm totally casual girl myself as well :)

  4. You definitely have style, my friend. And the best part is that you're true to yourself!

  5. your outfits are totallly adorable!! very bright and happy!! (:


  6. You're so cute! My style is just simple. I like casual things and I want to be comfortable!

  7. Ummm I'd beg to differ with you, missy! You definitely are a fashionista :-) Love all your stripes!

  8. You're so cute! I'm simple and casual, too, I think. I like to get pretty, but I'm by no means a fashionista.

  9. I love seeing what other ppls style is. I'm no fashionista either, but there is something really fun about taking pics of what I'm wearing. Lol!

  10. I love all your outfits! You could definitely be a fashion blogger!

  11. Girl you are very fashionable... I am not in your blog anymore:(

  12. I love your style girl. It's fun and casual. I love your sunglasses...super cute. I'd say my style is casual, girly and I try to be fashionable. I love it! It's fun to see what others wear. It's kind of inspiring. I think it's also helpful to remember what outfits looked good. Sometimes I wish I did it.

  13. I think you have great style! Love all your outfits!!

  14. I think you look great in these outfit posts! Love the bright happy colors you wear! Keep doing them! -Jessica


  15. you had me at stripes... wanna trade legs (and your tan)?


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