Friday, August 10, 2012

Chloe Chloe Chloe

Chloe as a puppy!
Chloe with long hair...eep!! (1 year old!)

Chloe now! (4 years old and 20 lbs!)
Oh my sweet little baby....Chloe.

She was my first puppy ever. She is 4 now!

Sure we had dogs and puppies as kids but SHE was my first ever little baby.
I chose her.

A little smarty pants. Too smart for her britches.

Always waiting for a treat

She thinks she tricks me. She'll sit by the door to be let outside. Go outside for literally one second. Come back in and go straight to the kitchen for a treat!

So spoiled. I bring her water in bed.

So lazy...she will lay down and eat from her bowl beside her.

She is such a pouter.

And so sensitive.

But she's my baby!

Are y'all as crazy about
your furbabies as we are!

Oh and just FYI...Eric now calls them our furbabies...heehee.

and the one I did similar for Tank a while back is here!


  1. she is TOO adorable!

  2. what a cute pup --- looove!! xo

  3. I could just squeeze her she's ADORABLE! can. not. wait. to. get. a. dog!!! aahhhh

  4. too cute!!! Makes me miss my dog as a puppy - I wish they stayed like that longer!!

  5. she is too cute! the long haired pic is so funny! :)

  6. They are precious. Tank is obviously a boxer, but what breed is Chloe?. I have a yorkie and I keep him shaved. It is so much easier than having all that hair.

  7. My lab mix lays down in his kennel and eats, which taught our pitbull to lay down and eat!

  8. Oh I think I just fell in love with your puppy child!! I need one!

  9. Aw she is too cute!

  10. Adorable pup! I have a Chloe too, except she's a Jack Russell terrier: about 20 pounds as well, although not furry (short haired). She's 3! I feel like our Chloe's could be friends: my girl is a smarty pants too, always outsmarting us and looking at us like we are ridiculous. Spoiled in every way (she brings her toy rope to bed, ha!). We also have Oliver, a 2 year old Shih-Tzu. He's our furry baby! Not as bright as Chloe though, haha!

    @ Everyday with the Jays

  11. awwww she is soo adorable at every single stage!!! My first furbaby is a Khloe too :)

    {I even have a dog cookbook so I can make special meals for them lol}

    Happy Friday!
    <3 Melissa

  12. This makes me smile :) My yorkie Brody just turned 5 last month! He IS my child. He is sooo spoiled too. I laughed so loud when I read that you bring her water in bed. I've totally done that haha

  13. Awe she is adorable!
    I do a guest blog segment called Furbaby Friday on my blog! You should check it. I would love if you wrote one :)

  14. Yep, my fur babies are just like that! Spoiled little stinkers!!! haha. She's such a cutie!!

  15. Ah, what a sweet baby! My husband and I are those crazy cat people with a million pictures of Hobie and Dinah on our phone and always talking about them whenever we have people over. *lol*

  16. I am in love!!!! So cute!

  17. Your pup is adorable. That's okay I think we all spoil our animals to some extent

  18. Love this. My pup (no soo puppy any more) Penny is 2 and just as spoiled. We had dogs growing up as well, but like you said she is MINE. I picked her out it's completely different.

  19. I just finished holding my 12lb-er in the rocking chair and sang him to sleep. So no, you're not alone in the spoiling department LOL! No matter how old they get, they are always our puppies!

  20. She is way cute! We have three dogs. We have a 10 yr old Choc lab named Carson (he was mine and my husbands first dog together) and we have two Golden Retrievers Ollie is 6 and Daisy May is 4. Ours are soooo spoiled also! They get very spoiled when my mom is around, she is always sneaking them treats! :)

  21. oh my goodness she is so darling!

  22. Oh Chloe! how sweet :) I love my furbabies too.

  23. OH my goodness too adorable! Yet another blog to follow solely so I can stalk your puppy. Kidding kidding. Loving your blog, newest follower right here :)

  24. So cute! I just love your furbabies!! I'm obsessed with mine too...AND they're spoiled :) You gotta spoil them!

    <3 Jamie


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