Monday, June 11, 2012

Motivate Me Monday...Gruntin' & Moanin'

Welcome back to Motivate Me Monday!
We all need some motivation!

So as you all know...I've been doing Crossfit for about two months now.

I am def noticing changes and feeing so much better (even tho its sooo hard)!

Anyways...So have you ever gone to the gym and seen a guy thats gruntin' and moanin' so loud and you think to yourself...seriously.

Maybe some people do it just for show.

But I have to tell you...these workouts are so hard I am constantly catching myself gruntin' and moanin'!

I don't think it's that loud but you know what...I don't care! If it gives me that extra little push I need to finish a better believe I'm gonna grunt!

So I just wanna say...
It's ok to grunt and moan!

You may be laughing but I am so serious!! Just look at Maria Sharapova! haha! She IS the one that grunts with every swing right?!?! I may be wrong?

And now for some inspiration!

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Hope y'all have an excellent day!!


  1. Ah, thank you!I need motivation today!!

  2. Ah, thank you!I need motivation today!!

  3. Great motivation! Crossfit is intense. I've never done it but I was doing the brazil but lift and it was crazy! Lots of moaning haha :)


  4. Kyle has been doing it for two weeks now and he is loving it! He came home with two huge bruises on his thighs from "cleans?" .. I might join, probably not haha

  5. The guy next to me in yoga class yesterday was grunting and moaning, and I thought, "Seriously, this is yoga!" I can't imagine what he would sound like doing CrossFit!


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