Thursday, August 30, 2012


It was pretty windy!

dress & necklace: Francesca's Collections (same dress)
shoes: Express
use code CUPCAKE for 20% off
of one item at Francesca's online!
Things I have learned while taking outfit photos for the blog...
1. I miss Juliana coaching me into each position!
2. Eric is such a trooper with taking photos of me!
3. I absolutely have no clue what I'm doing!
4. I feel more comfortable taking the photos in my own backyard!
5. Sometimes cropping the photo makes it look better!
6. Wearing sunglasses makes me feel more comfortable.
what are some of your secrets to taking great photos????
please share!
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  1. what a pretty dress! I have no advice. I take my pictures on my deck each time. sometimes in my yard if I feel extra adventurous. :)

  2. love the dress... very pretty

  3. love the dress... very pretty

  4. Those shoes! SO cute! I've been looking for a good brown wedge...problem SOLVED ;)


  5. i love the shoes too! your pictures always look flawless!

  6. Omg love the dress and love Francesca's! Thanks for the discount :) I love your shoes too! I need to find myself a good pair of brown wedges!

  7. In LOVE with your dress! and your blog!

    xoxo - Chelsi
    Blondie Diaries

  8. Okay girlfriend, you say it's very windy, you don't know how to pose...and you still look like a hottie boombalottie in every single photo! I don't understand..Do you realize how long it would take me to get even ONE photo looking semi-decent? I'd be sweating, making an awkward face, my dress would blow up, you name it...

    So to heck with all of that! Keep doing what you're doing. Love this blog!

  9. New to your blog. I just had to say those shoes are adorable! I love them!


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