Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jacket: c/o Frock Candy (same jacket)
Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Old Navy
Glasses: c/o Firmoo 
(bloggers get free glasses and I'll show you how tomorrow!)


So almost all of you have never met me in person...except for the few of the Houston bloggers that I met which i need to go to more outings with you ladies!

Anyways...sometimes when I see people on a blog...I create an image in my head of maybe how tall they are or what not. Get what I'm saying?

Well...sometimes I wonder what y'all think I would be like if you met me in person!

Do you think I'm tall? Short? Super talkative?

I am actually a very very quiet person until I get to know you. It takes me a while to warm up...but when I do...I'm just a goofy butt!

My stats...

I am...

123 lbs (I have never weighed less than 110 and at that weight I looked sick!) I am looking to get a little more toned like I was during the summer...been slacking at the gym lol)

wear a size 26 in jeans and a small in most shirts.

Shoe size is 8 (eric might beg to differ they are a size 11 but I promise...size 8!)

I have green eyes (aka cat eyes).

Never had braces as a kid but have straight teeth.

I have broad shoulders and a bubble butt...also pretty well endowed up top thanks to my mom! haha

I've been told I have long legs. Others have said I have tree trunks for legs...(yeah thanks)

People always say I look like amanda peet.

So does this give you some perspective of how I would actually size up in person?!?! Did you picture me a little different?!



  1. You're just plain gorgeous! How do you get those nice subtle waves in your hair? Mine always end up too tight or too loose they don't hold.

    That jacket is killer by the way ;)

  2. You DO look like Amanda Peet! I never noticed before. Love those jeans with the red stitching inside. Where are those from?

  3. you are so pretty! that's waht I've always thought. and lord I need to get to working out so i can be a size 26 in jeans!

  4. what a fun post!! i may have to do one too, i promise i'll link back to ya and give you credits! our stats are pretty much the same and i think your prettier than amanda peet!

  5. Cute outfit! I can see the Amanda Peet similarities. It's a compliment, she's pretty! I just got a cognac colored jacket similar to yours and I'm dying to wear it!

  6. Ha! You really DO look like Amanda Peet. I think she's so hilarious. Also, I didn't think you were that tall. I'm only 5'2 so everyone is tall to me BUT whatever haha

  7. You do look like her - but prettier. I love your outfit.

  8. Since the first day I noticed your blog, I thought you looked like Sarah Jessica Parker. :D

  9. I do see the resemblance to Amanda Peet! I thought you might have been about 5'5" or 5'6" and about the same weight / size so I guess I was correct! Love those jeans!

  10. Visiting from WIWW! And now your newest follower! Love the outfit...and your blog. Have an awesome day! xo, Angela

  11. Love the shoes - neutrals shoes are my favorite!

    Stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  12. i love this look! love the neutrals and the sweater :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  13. Fun stats and super cute outfit! Found you from The Pleated Poppy!


  14. You're perfect! I love this look! Those shoes are gorgeous!


  15. It's hard to get a sense of how tall bloggers are just from outfit posts. I've been surprised sometimes when a blogger says how tall (or short) they actually are.

    Love your jacket and shirt!


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