Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivate Me Monday...

It has been quite a few weeks since I've done a Motivate me Monday. I guess I haven't felt very motivated lately.

However this last week after eating so much crap...I feel like blah. 
Since I just started back at crossfit...I decided I will be eating clean! We already eat fairly good but I'm really taking it to the next step!

I am buying organic for sure! And not going to eat anything processed during the week. The weekends will be a little different and I wont be so strict. I would go crazy if i couldnt slack at least a little bit.

I have been stalking instagram with people who eat clean and they are such an inspiration!

Today..I am starting my day off with overnight oats.

Steel cut oats, almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, and a little cocoa and peanut butter.

breakfast is the most important part of the day for sure!! I made them into mini jars because I am eating every three hours as usual! 
Im sure by now there is a photo on instagram ;-)

This is the easiest breakfast ever so no excuses!

now get your butt to the gym ladies!!
after linking up with Ashley and I today!!


  1. Those oats sound great. I've never thought of mixing oats with cold ingredients.

  2. I need to get back into my exercise class as well! I haven't gone in over a week and it's killing me. Word to the wise, I read a health article and it said not to waste money on organic food that has an outside that you will not eat such as bananas, squash, etc. because the pesticides will not get through, so there's no need buy organic for those type of items :)

  3. this is certainly a day to get motivated!!

  4. these sound yummy - I def have to try them! xo

  5. That reminds me that I really need to hit the gym, and soon. Ugh.. haha!


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