Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting! Plus a get to know me!

Oh are we are halfway thru the week!

So who are A & E?

Let's put it this way...When we have kids...They will be extremely clumsy and be a bull in a china cabinet! Yes...I am super duper clumsy and no matter what E does...he always seems to be dropping or breaking things!

If I'm at home watching's on the ID Channel (Investigation Discovery)! If E is watching's sports all the way!

We are creatures of habit! We get Genghis grill every Friday to go. They know me by name! And they know my voice on the phone when I call in the order!

We are homebodies!

We drink hot chocolate every night in the winter months! It's more like we have marshmallows with a side of hot chocolate!

We both love Chloe (aka Clo Clo) the Cockapoo!
But I get a little jealous...I think Clo loves E more than me lol!

We drink Starbucks every morning! We drink American Mistos because they are least in fat and sugar! Eric's Starbucks calls his drink the High Maintence drink haha!

Now on to Oh How Pinteresting!
I always look forward to Wednesdays so I can link up with Michelle!!

So ladies...E is getting a pair of cowboy boots and I have been debating whether I should or not!  To be honest...I wonder how often I would wear them?!?! I found a couple of pairs I like.

 My favorite one is on the left but I do like the right one as well.

Below are some boots I found on Pinterest!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Do y'all own any cowgirl boots? And how often do you wear them?



  1. What fabulous cowboy boots- I need to get me a pair!! And my hubby and I are creatures of habit too!!

  2. I do but I only wear them in the winter. Not exactly sure why I don't wear a dress or something with them in the summer. Maybe it will be my next-summer goal? : )

  3. I have been wanting some cowboy boots so badly! No idea how much I would wear them either.. but too cute in the summer/fall with jeans shorts or a dress!?

  4. I'm convinced! I need cowboy boots, asap.

  5. I am also very clumsy! Even though I danced ballet for 23 some odd years I am still clumsy and constantly trip over my own feet! Sometimes I wonder how I was so graceful on stage!

    Love the cowboy boots you picked out. I think cowboy boots are a fun twist to an outfit! I especially love them with the white lace dress! So unexpected!

  6. Love your pins this week! We drink hot chocolate with a ton of marshmallows at our house too! It's my favorite treat!

  7. I think we live the same life LOL, I am beyond clumsy and we are SUCH homebodies.
    I LOVE the boots, my grandmother actually just gave me her old ones this weekend, she couldnt fit in them anymore so saturday and I wore them for the first time, felt kind of cowgirl-ish lol but I love them! Cant wait to see which ones you get!
    Hope you are having a good week!!

  8. We are homebodies, too! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE me some cowgirl boots! :))) xoxo

  9. Go for the boots! I love mine and they aren't even an expensive brand. I found them at a old vintage store and paid a whopping 10 buckaroos for them! Honestly they need to be replaced, but I just can't do it!

  10. I love my boots, don't wear them as much as I'd like but I love them. Love those outfits and all your photos. Beautiful.

  11. don't know how I am just now finding your blog! you guys are so cute!

    New follower :)

  12. first off, i must say....
    when you DO have kids, they are gonna be drop dead GORGEOUS!
    for real, girl.
    ya'll are BEAUTIFUL!

    and i have a pair of boots....
    never wear them.
    but that doesn't mean you won't!
    go for it, lady!

    xo. chelsea

  13. You are gorgeous! And I Love all of the cowboy boots! SO so cute!

  14. You guys are such a cute couple :)

  15. Love the photos! What a gorgeous couple. My hubby and I drink hot chocolate all the time too in the winter. Love it :)

  16. AH! I'm obsessed with cowboy boots! Love all these pins! ♥

  17. I really enjoyed reading about
    you guys =D so cute that you
    do so many things together!

    i am seriously dying to share
    a cup of coffee with my boo again!

    ... how cute are the boots!
    great pins love


  18. When you have kids, they may be clumsy but we all know that they will be gorgeous! Get you some boots!! They are super cute, especially with dresses & skirts! I love wearing mine with skinny jeans now too. I have 4 pair right now, but am dying for another. My hubby has like 8 or 9 pairs!

  19. oh my gosh i am so clumsy too and my son trips and runs into things all the time! (i am hoping it is just because he is a toddler and not because he is my son!) I don't think I could pull off cowboy boots but i love the ones on that girl in the white dress and the last pic of the bridal party (especially the dark brown ones!)

  20. I am such a homebody too. If I do leave the house, by choice, it's usually to travel somewhere. Thank goodness college is over and I don't have to be social every night anymore, LOL!

    And, I love the cowboy boots! So fun and can be worn with almost everything!

    Hope you have a great week!


  21. Love your pictures, so cute!

    And i do love Cowboy boots even if i don't have any


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