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So...Since it's the holidays...I've asked these ladies to tell me their 5 favorite things about the holidays!

Lyndsay @ Lyndsay &. Co.

1. Decorating and all the fun that comes with it! Esp. since this was my first year in my own place, it was fun having free range to decorate as I wish!

2. Partaaays!=) There are so many fun parties that are associated with the holiday season...from work parties to fun wacky Christmas sweater parties...  and who doesn't love a good wacky sweater party?! haha

3. Giving... They say it is better to give than to receive, and I completely agree.

4. The music! I LOVE Christmas music! It puts me in the holiday spirit for sure! And this year I am  totally LOVING Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas album! I could listen to that voice ALL day... and not to mention he is pretty handsome, too! ;) 

5. Christmas Cards! This was the first year I actually sent out cards of my own. But I have been receiving cards from my lady loves for a couple of years now...Ad let me tell you, absolute joy comes over my face when I check the mail and see that I have received a card.... I'm a dork. I have no shame :)

1. My favorite thing about Christmas is all the cheerfulness surrounding me. I can't tell you how amazing it is to see everyone so happy! Jesus is the reason for the season after all! :)

2. I LOVE Christmas music! It's one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit. Yes, I'm one of those people who have been listening to Christmas music since the day after Thanksgiving. Come check out my blog, and listen to some of my favorite Christmas tunes :)

3. Every year my family and I spend Christmas visiting my dad's side of the family. It is one of our Christmas traditions because we've never gone anywhere else. I love spending time with my wonderful family!

4. All of the Christmas lights are so spectacular. I love driving around listening to Christmas music and looking at all the pretty lights. It is one of the many things that bring a smile to my face. :)

5. Another favorite is Starbucks holiday drinks. It is the greatest promo deal of the season, which I can't seem to get enough of :) I love all of the holiday flavors, especially peppermint mocha!

 I am Ameryn from oh so nifty

1. Spending time with family. It is the only time of year I get to see some of them.

2. Christmas lights! There is something so magical about them.
3. Whooping butt in cards. =) Our family always breaks out the cards after dinner, and I always win! {at least that's how I remember it}

4. Bundling up and heading to the snow. It is so pretty and peaceful, I love it.
and last but not least...

5. Christmas music!!! I LOVE to listen {and sing along poorly} to Christmas music!

Steph @ The Sweet Life

I love everything about the holiday season, but these are a few of my favorite things...

1. Christmas Music & Movies: I don't listen to much other than Christmas music all December long, and I am loving my N'Sync Christmas CD, Dave Barnes' christmas album, and Michael Buble's Christmas CD. And I watch a different Christmas movie every night of the month! Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and Christmas Vacation are some of my all time favorites.

2. Christmas decorations: I love the lights, the trees, the stockings, the candy canes...I'm trying to think how I ever decorated before Pinterest!

3. Secret Santa Gift Exchanges: I love these! This year I am participating in 3 of them, and I get so excited to find my person the perfect gift, and then patiently wait for mine. It's such a fun, easy way to share the holiday spirit with co-workers, friends, and fellow bloggers!

4. Christmas Eve Midnight Mass: I have been attending this service for nearly 10 years now with my fiance's family. The choir's singing is so beautiful, the church is decorated so nicely, and everyone is ready for Christmas! Now if only I could get my fiance to stay awake during the mass, we'd be set!

5. Spending time with family: My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with my amazing family. Even if it's just sitting by the fire, watching sports and talking, I'm so happy and at ease. It truly warms my heart to be surrounded by all the people I love!

1. Family- I love spending time with all of my family and extended family! They are all so goofy so we end up spending a lot of time laughing and making jokes.

2. Christmas Music- My husband and I end up singing these all year long... but even more at Christmas time! LOUDLY!!

3. Cold Weather- In AZ, we don't get to enjoy any cute winter clothes barely at all so when the cold comes to visit, we take advantage! Scarves, boots, hats, gloves, you name it. I talk about it all the time!

4. Christmas Cards- It's so fun to get cards in the mail and put them up all over the house.

5. Christ- Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas and being grateful for my Savior.

Taryn Blake @ {Edge}

The top 5 things I love about the holidays are (in no particular order)...

1. Having an excuse to eat a lot of cookies

2. Watching Christmas Vacation more than once

3. Going to Church at midnight on Christmas Eve

4. Sipping wine while opening gifts with families

5. Decorating the tree with my husband.

Ashley and I blog at

 1. My all time favorite thing is to bake with my mom. I've helped her bake since I was a little girl and one of her trademark things to bake is caramel corn. As a little girl I used to sit on the counter and watch the popcorn kernels turn into popcorn in the machine. Once most of the kernels were finished popping our machine had a tendency to randomly shoot the rest of the popcorn around the kitchen, so my mom and I would run around with a bowl trying to catch each piece as it shot out.

2. I love watching Christmas movies, although I haven't done much of it yet this year I know I still have plenty of time to get in all my favorites.

3. White elephant gift exchange! It's always so fun to see what silly gifts people bring and the looks on others faces when they open such silly gifts, I also enjoy seeing the gifts get passed around. For anyone who doesn't know what a white elephant gift exchange is, it's where each participant brings something they already own that they don't want anymore. The gift can be a good one or a silly one {I usually like to see the silly ones}. The gifts are put into a pile and each person is given a number. The person with number one chooses their gift first, and opens it. Then it's the next persons turn, and they can choose to steal the gift from the previous gift opener or choose a new one from the pile. Usually there are a set number of times a gift can be stolen. It really is a lot of fun!

4. Drinking hot chocolate! There is nothing I love more than cold weather so I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate!!!

5. Driving around to see the Christmas lights. I have always been fascinated with how people decorate the outsides of their houses for Christmas! While I was away in college, there was a 2 mile span of houses that went all out with their decorating. It's called Christmas Tree Lane, and there are specified nights where people are allowed to walk it. It's a lot of fun going with friends walking down the lane singing Christmas songs while we are all bundled in our big jackets with hot chocolate!

To the blog world I am known as C Mae.
Blog name is Happiness Is...

1. Christmas was a dreaded holiday for me in the past, simply because my mom died when I was 13 on Dec 7th, 1995. I never go the month of December without listening to this CD:

I grew up on Amy Grant. This is by far my favorite Christmas Album of all time.

2. I never go the month of December without wearing my favorites:
I bought my first pair of uggs 3 years ago, and I have never looked back. I may live in Arizona, but these babies are the best for keeping my feet warm no matter where I go! they have upheld so well, and I want so many other pairs/styles!

3. I never go the month of December without watching these movies:

4. I love making holiday art with my students!!!
And yes I do CHRISTMAS with them even santa stuff, those that don't celebrate just do something else!

5. And lastly, it wouldn't be the holidays without our little tree

I hope you take the time to look at each of these wonderful ladies!



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