Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Instagram Lately...

Well..we were so looking forward to a nice day by the pool on saturday but instead we got lots of clouds and winds.

but here is our life thru Instagram lately!
I seem to forget more often than not to take photos! !
Loungin' around!

new elephant buttons for my bracelets!

frozen drinks for the sunny overcast weather

I had to clip Tank's paws...they had become weapons.

packing meals for the next usual furit and yogurt!

It was really gross and rainy yesterday

40 lbs at 4 months! somebody help us!!

a peek at tomorrow's post!

did y'all have a good weekend?
I ate too many sweets as usual...but I scarfed them down before i remembered to take a photo!



  1. love the elephant charm! and I want to eat that fruit and yogurt - it looks so good! that is one of my favorite meals. and your dog? adorable!!!

  2. Sometimes rainy days can make for the best days :) Looks like you had a relaxing weekend :)

  3. I love those sweet poochie faces! Fur babies make the world go 'round. =)

  4. New follower and I'm loving your blog. so much. I'm obsessed already with that bracelet!

  5. LOVE that first picture of puppy loungin! Adorable! And that elephant charm is so dang cute!! Love me some Instagram!

  6. Love the first picture! Too cute! Looks like you had a nice weekend, even if it did rain :)

  7. We had some super gross weekend weather too bleh

  8. stumbled onto your blog! very cute. looks like you have some adorable doggies.
    xoxo, great little day

  9. My pup loves to lounge around like that, too! And his nails are always weapons...many a cute shirt has suffered a snag from his nails.
    Your frozen drinks look delicious, even in clouds! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  10. That elephant button is seriously the cutest! I love frozen drinks on sunny days :)

  11. Great shots. Love the first one. Found you through Auntie Sauce!

  12. DON'T FORGET!! I can help you remember!!!!!
    Love your pictures!!
    I have a May photo a day challenge coming up!! I hope you join in the fun!!!!

  13. Fun pics. The first one is super cute-what a sleepy puppy. Rainy days are good for staying inside and cuddling up on the couch. Saturday my hubby and I did just that and it was amazing!


  14. I'm so in love with your bracelets!! I'm definitely going to have to get me one when I've got some spare moolah :)


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