Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Tuesday!!!

(Just being silly!)

So...I was by myself the whole weekend!

I slept in and lounged around the house until noon every day!!
Actually made myself some eggs over easy!!
I'm not a big scrambled egg person...

E was duck hunting in South Texas with his buddies!
His beard is growing in thick! And I like it!!

Anyways! After I finally took a shower on Saturday...I made my nephew cupcakes for his first birthday! (well...soon to be nephew!)
Then I had to go shopping for him! His mom said he needed some jeans so I went to Old Navy and found some cute stuff!

Do you like my cupcake apron?!?!

And of course Chloe lounged around as know I can't have a weekend recap without Clo Clo!!

So this week there will be lots going on! Not only will you have my awesome posts to read (yeah that's know they're awesome!) the afternoons...I will be featuring all of my button swap ladies! And don't forget to check out the three ladies at the top left hand side of the page!

Do you guys ever just need a weekend to lounge around the house like I did this past weekend?
Also I am taking Friday off of work woo hoo! I have not even started Christmas shopping!! Have you finished?

Check back later today for a giveaway!!

And...I know we have a lot of new readers! so for your enjoyment...I've listed some of the most popular posts!! and some of my super blonde moments!!

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  1. Nice blog! I like the template and a lot of other things!
    Take a look and maybe follow? Nikt Ważny ♥
    love, Poppy :D

  2. Looks like a relaxing weekend...The apron is very cute!

  3. AW! Chloe is so cute & the apron was too lol!
    xoxo, signified secrets

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Sometimes you just need those days all to yourself! Love the apron!

  5. The apron is adorable! I haven't done any Christmas shopping at all! I've been way to busy with the end of the semester to do anything else besides homework and blog of course! :)

  6. I have a cupcake apron, too!! LOVES IT! :) Happy Tuesday, lovebug! XoXo

  7. Looks like a fun weekend to me!

  8. Your weekend sounds relaxing and fun. I def need days like these to get my groove back! I love the cupcakes and the cupcake apron, super cute!

  9. weekends by yourself sometimes are great! you tend to do things you normally wouldn't do like eat eggs! i wish i had a weekend coming up soon with not a whole lot to do i need that to refresh my soul sometimes. and really i am not trying to go deep here, just commenting and to say i think you are beautiful!

  10. Eh girl!
    Okay so this is totally your secret santy being all anonymous on your blog!
    First off please forgive my "lateness!" You have to forgive me because I have been sick for reasons I cannot specify or it might give me away =) Your blog is ADORABLE! I just realized that also when you get your card disregard all of my "likes" on the left hand side of the card! I am an idiot... Even though Ashley told us to do this I just realized that duh your probably NOT my secret santy so why would I tell you things I like?! Anyways... you should get it within the next day or two! Can't wait to go shopping for ya!

    Your Secret Santy

  11. My boyfriend shaved his beard a few weeks ago and after my constant nagging, he's finally started growing it back!

    I absolutely despise eggs! On this low carb thing, I can eat them whenever I want, and I know they are filled with protein and blah blah blah... but I just can't stomach them. Ew.

    Those cupcakes look delicious!

    Working on my guest post tonight... I promise! :-)


  12. Over easy eggs is the way to go!!

    That apron is SOOO cute!! And those cupcakes look delicious. Lucky nephew!

  13. i love your instagram pictures!

    =D when i saw the cupcakes i
    wanted to eat my phone haha
    the ones with the chocolate
    piece on top looks BOMB!

    you look super cute with your apron!



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