Monday, December 12, 2011

Sponsor Feature! Megan @ Greetings from Texas plus a giveaway winner!

I want to introduce Megan! Such a great gal!!
This is one lady you def want to follow!

Blogger: Megan Silianoff
Hi! I'm Megan. I've never guest blogged before so I'm just gonna wing this. You guys are fine with that, right?  

I'll start by introducing myself. We've already established that I'm Megan. Other pertinent things to know about me are that I'm Dirty 30, married, and have a dog - Booker.

I started blogging a year ago when my husband's job brought us to Houston. Growing up in the Midwest, I thought there was a lot of weird stuff going down in this state and I needed to document it. (Like this.

My blog still chronicles my life as a new Texan but I incorporate other topical things such as New Years Eve , Christmas Cards, or when I occupied Wall Street . (Sorta occupied Wall Street.)

I talk about cancer every once in while. Because I had that last year. That sucked. I'm fine though and hope my girl Giuliana Rancic will be too. 

So that's it friends! That was my first guest post. How'd I do? Just average? Yeah, I thought so too.  Come visit me anyway!
Greetings from Texas

Quick announcement! Cara at Life, Love & Margaritas has one the Starbucks giveaway!! So hopefully she can use her gift card on some tea!

Check back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway!!


  1. thanks for introducing us to another sponsor!! going over to check out her blog now :-)

  2. Thanks girl! It's my first win! :)

    I will be checking out Megan too!

  3. This is great...thanks for sharing...cancer is such a beast and you beat the awesome!

  4. So glad you're doing a-ok and kind cancers butt. I'll be checking out your blog girl!


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