Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Some of these are a couple weeks old...
 which tells me I need to take more photos with Instagram!

1. I swear the bird in the first photo was stalking us.
It was creeping us out during lunch time!
2. Casual Friday at I wore chambray!
3. my arm party! inlcuding knotie ties and chloe vs tank!
4. who doesn't love these skinny cow ice cream sandwhiches?
5. i could serioiusly eat My Fit Foods everyday!

1. I think its pretty darn cool my image is on Passionfruit ads website!
2. on Saturday I was the #1 up and coming general lifestyle blog on Bloglovin!

1. this was a few weeks ago but Crossfit gave me a bruise on my collar bone! stinkin' cleans...Crossfit scares me sometimes!
2. this was the day I received my knotie ties and I've been using them ever since!
3. there is a dessert boutique by my house which becomes very dangerous!
4. nicholl is seriously so sweet! I love all of our texts! and she sent me this little flower necklace since I can't have peonies at my wedding!
5. bought these super cute sandals from Target!

Have a lovely day ladies!!
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  1. what a sweet note and necklace. and how awesome that your pic is on the website. famous!! ; )

  2. I'm so biased but I love all your pics of your mastiff ;)

    When I adopted Hemi he was already two, so I missed his cute awkward growing up stage.

  3. I love the colors on your arm party. And those knot ties are so cute, I'm definitely going to check them out :)

  4. Cute pics! I followed you on my old blog (probably still do) but now I'm following you on my new one :)

  5. Your pups are the cutest.


  6. Those Skinny Cow sandwiches are DELISH! I had a strawberry one last week. YUM!

  7. So... My fit Foods is also in Boise! Is it good? I have NO idea what it is... but that shrimp looks divine!

  8. I've seen those sandals at Target and I loved them! I really like them in the blue! :)

  9. those sandals are haunting me--i'm seeing them everywhere...need them!


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