Monday, November 10, 2014


1. Rea is 4 months today! She just keeps getting more fun every day! Laughs when you tickle her, her eyes bulge out when you lift her in the air (yeah Ill wait a little while to do that one again!), lifts her eyebrows at you and finally rolled over!!! We've got her 4 month doc appointment Wednesday!

2. I seriously need a new wardrobe. I'm still not quite down in size to where I want to be so I mostly wear gym clothes around (beides the 1 pair of H&M boyfriend jeans I bought and LOVE!). Yep...still not down to my pre-preggo weight or pre-preggo clothes. But ALMOST! I currently weigh 141 and my pre-preggo was 135. I gained 40 lbs and I swear most of the weight was gained in my booty and thighs.

3. My birthday is Saturday!! I'll be 33...yikes! We'll be traveling to Austin (to my mom's house). Last year at this time...we had just found out I was pregnant a couple weeks before. 

4. I absolutely hate hate hate leaving the dogs when we travel but we do have a house/dog sitter so it makes me feel a little better.

5. Eric is such a great dad! He works so hard at work and then comes home and still helps out. Rea just adores him!
how was everyone's weekend?!


  1. Your baby girl is just sooo precious, I love her little headband!

  2. She is so adorable and happy!
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