Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh how i love food!

I seriously love food! mostly desserts but if it tastes good i will eat it lol!

E and I eat so healthy during the week that it does get old. always the same old fish and chicken. but we pretty much eat whatever on the weekends. I love me some My Fit Foods! they have some very, very tasty meals ;-) if i've been pretty busy and don't feel like cooking...Fit Foods is my "go to" place!
This was my dinner last night and one of my lunches today ;-)

I was so busy yesterday...had an order of 45 cupcake jars that had to be mailed out today ;-) i love making these. These particular ones matched the invitation and was for a bridal shower!

this is a short post today becasue i have been so busy!
I hope all ofyou are having a lovely week so far!!

OH YEAH...if you know of any healthy recipes...i would love to know!


  1. good morning love :)

    yeah i kinda had the post ready for Monday
    but i was so busy I ended up posting today lol
    so i didnt have time for the link up :)

    its ok one day wont kill me lol =)

    yummm jars look delicious
    and the pink bows are adorable!

    have a great tuesday amiga :)



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