Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guest Post - Jessie at I'm a Wife and Mama Now!

Happy Saturday!! I have a wonderful guest post for you today! And she blogs over at I'm a Wife and Mama Now? Click HERE to visit her blog! Do it now! (ok maybe after you read her awesome tutorial!)
Hi! I'm Jessie. 
I am so happy that Amanda has asked me to do a guest post on her blog.
{Don't you just love reading her stories?}
Today I am going to do a tutorial on how to easily
create your very own work of art.

What you need:
Canvas (bought mine at Michael's on sale for $12)
Painters Tape (2 different sizes is fun)
Paint brushes (preferably a big one, and a small one)
3 colors of paint you think look good together

So first you are going to want to paint the whole canvas with the lighter color, like so.

Then once it is dry, take your painters tape and just go to town randomly putting the tape down across the canvas.

Once you have all of the tape down, take your next color {usually the darker of the 3} and paint the whole canvas again.

Then, let the paint dry again. Once it is dry start taking the tape off. You will notice some of the paint seeped through. So after you pull the tape off THEN you can do touch up with the first color and cover up the spots that bled through. BUT because you are going to do some "drizzling" of paint, it definitely does not need to be perfect.

Looks good right? Maybe a little perfect? Possibly a little TOO perfect? This is the fun part. Grab your very last color, and a paint brush and just start drizzling on the paint over the canvas!

And then....
You are done!

Don't forget to autograph your artwork when you're done! 
And the best part of this whole project is how insanely easy it is. It is actually quite relaxing to do, and very rewarding. My piece is now hanging up in our house, the whole $20 I spent on it, now looks like something I could get at HomeGoods for $50. And it is pretty rewarding to say "yeah, no big deal I painted that."

Well I have to thank Amanda for letting me share my little work of art with you guys, please let me know if you try this yourself. I would love to see your artwork!


  1. Thats amazing...thanx for the tutorial :)

  2. very crafty! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Aww thank you so much Amanda for letting me do a guest post! You are awesome!

  4. What a great guest post and cool way to spruce up a space. I can definitely use some original art in my dining area.

  5. Awesome idea....especially for me who is artistically challenged! Will def put this on the list and will check out Jessie's blog! :-)

  6. I love it! I wanna try that! Now following you both! will you follow me back?


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