Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sponsor feature!! Meet Julie!

Happy Sunday!
I want you all to meet a lovely lady from Can Soup Lover!!

Hi guys, I'm Julie from CanSoupLover! I'm 28 and live in Paris. I have a very 'big-girl' corporate job and since I don't really like that, I need a place to escape. That's where my blog starts! I'm going to move to Canada next summer and will probably be traveling around the US as well!
So, do you want to follow me into these great adventures?

You can find Julie at...

I love this photo collage that I found on her "about me" page on her blog!

Some other fun facts I love...

She was born on St Patrick's Day, she always saves room for dessert, she speaks French and English and sometimes she pretends to speak Klingon!

She also has an Etsy shop where she sells vintage clothing!

Check out her shop HERE and her blog HERE!!

Take care ladies!


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