Tuesday, January 24, 2012

some sad news...NO Tank :-(

Oh Tuesday! ...why can't you be Thursday (or even Friday!)?!

I'll save the bad news for last...
or is it normally the good news last?

Here's a little recap of the weekend.
On Friday night...we watched
'The Rise of Planet of the Apes'.
I have to was really good! It kinda started to get weird but I think overall it was good!

Here are a few photos from Instagram this past week!

1. Zesty Chicken Corn Chowder! It was pretty darn good (and healthy)!
I'll be sharing the recipe soon!

2. We woke up on Sunday and got donuts! Apple Fritters are my fav!

3. Chloe...need I say more hee hee!

4. My new CAMERA BAG! From Cheeky Lime! It's super cute with white leather trim!

I'll give y'all some good news!
I think we finally decided on a 'save the date' last night!!

We decided with 
(I'll show them to you guys in another post!)
I prob won't buy them until the end of the week...I'm not sure where I put our guest list!! oopsie! so we need to make another.

Did you send your 'save the dates' to EVERYONE on your guest list?


and now for the not so good news...

Remember last week...Tank was suppose to be born on Tuesday.
Eric and I were so bummed last night. We finally heard from the bullmastiff breeder.
Well...all of the puppies were born healthy.
 The litter had 1 boy and all the rest were girls.

We cannot get Tank. The breeder is actually keeping ALL of the pups.

This was a serious and reputible breeder that goes to dog shows and they decided to use them all for show. (this is normal with high end breeders)They are sending our deposit back.

We are on the search again for a bullmastiff pup. We love the name Tank but for some reason it doesn't feel right to name another pup Tank! I know...I'm crazy!
But if you know of a reputible bullmastiff breeder...please let me know!

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And read more about the Yearbook Funnies link up {HERE}. Start digging up your old photos. (it doesnt have to be an actual yearbook photo)

hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!


  1. ahhh no :( Good luck finding a new breeder, I know how much yall were looking forward to Tank!


  2. so sad about your puppy! : ( and I wish it was Thursday too.

  3. GIRL!!!! You MUST email me the ones you picked!!!! That's who we are ordering our wedding announcements from!!!!!

  4. I'm so sorry about Tank! I bet you were so looking forward to meeting him! I would be very upset if I heard the news that you can't get him! That's so unfair. Hopefully, you'll find another breeder that you can count on and find that special little guy to add to your family!

  5. We only sent Save The Dates to our out of town people. Most of our local people knew the date, plus it helped cut down on some costs. I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be getting your boy! That is such a disappointment!

  6. The breeder is keeping all of them? That seems odd. I'm sorry. =(

    And I agree - wish it was Thursday!

    Happy TUESday! :)

    megs [at] Shine On

  7. I'm sorry about the breeeder!! That's crappy of them!! Good luck with finding a new one! Hope you are able to soon! We sent save the dates to everyone that we planned on sending invitations to!

  8. So sad about the puppy! Good luck with the hunt for a new breeder!

  9. I Love your new camera bag! So cute.. and donuts... can't get any better! :)

  10. Awww! I'm sorry to hear about Tank :( Boo that they are keeping all the pups. Are they nuts?! That's a lot to take care of. I'm sure you'll find a new pup soon

  11. Ah so sad about Tank. :( They are keeping all of them, crazy! You will find another Tank and that one will be the perfect one for you guys!!

  12. So sorry about Tank! I really want that zesty corn chowder recipe!

  13. Oh no! Sorry to hear about Tank. I agree that it would be hard to name a different pup Tank.
    We went to the theater to see Rise of Planet of the Apes and really liked it!

  14. I'm so sorry about your pup! That really stinks. They should not have been able to do that! As for save the dates, we did send them out to everyone. It didn't even occur to me to not do it that way. But I could totally see only sending them to people who would be traveling. Then again, some people might be sad if they don't get one. All up to you!

  15. aww man :(
    that is not even fair
    why did he chose not to give it
    to you guys? :( i would be sad if
    i wanted all this time to get a
    puppy and then it all goes down :(

    i hope you find one soon!
    :) because i am dying to see

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    Melina ?

  16. aww man so sorry to hear about the pup :( Hope you find a new breeder asap!
    cant wait to see your save the dates! :)

  17. SO SAD about your puppy! You'll find another one! :) AND I have wanted that cheeky lime camera bag FOREVER!!! LUCKY girl! Also, I juts realized I wasn't following you?! WHAT!? Am now... :) AND AND AND, THANKS so much for the sweet comment on our baby news the other day. YOU ARE AWESOME! :)

  18. We sent Save The Dates to everyone that was going to be invited to the wedding. If your wedding is during a month that is typical for people to also have their wedding I think its a good idea to send a bunch. So they don't forget then get the invitation a couple weeks before the wedding and they have already promised someone else they would be at their wedding.
    Sorry to hear about not getting Tank. That is really sad! Good luck with your continued search.

    Sorry for the novel. :)

  19. SO sad about Tank! I've been waiting for that little guy! I can only imagine how bummed you guys are if I'm this sad! A new pup will be on his way to you soon...and I still love the name Tank.

    I just sent out our save the dates (love btw, I will be doing our invitations through them!) and I sent them to almost everyone. There are a few people I did not, only because they are extended family I've never met that will only come if my grandma needs someone to bring here (which we won't know til closer to the date). But I had so many leftover magnets that I just sent them out like crazy! I'll post about it in a couple weeks. Good luck love! It feels good to finally get those suckers in the mail!

  20. That really stinks :( Can't wait to see the Save the dates!

  21. How horrible! I understand what you mean though about not being able to name another puppy with the same name you had planned for the original. I hope it works out for you soon!

    P.S. I'm doing a sponsor swap for February if you're interested. I'd love to have you!

  22. I'm so sorry that you couldn't get Tank! :( I know there's a great puppy out there just waiting for you.

    That's great that you decided on a Save the Date! :)

  23. I'm a new follower!! just got married myself and know all about the ahhh moments of wedding planning! good luck lady!!! love the blog

  24. Oh no! I would be soooo upset! I'm sending good vibes your way that you can find another breeder :( That's so terrible especially when you have your heart set and they kind of just take it from under you! You guys will find your pup soon, you just have to think that this pup just wasn't meant to be.

    We actually didn't send save the dates (I originally abbreviated 'save the date' and happened to re-read my comment... glad I noticed!! ha). Can't wait to see what yours look like!

  25. Aw, bummer!
    hope you will find another one soon

    i'm really excited about all the wedding stuff you will share

    and i love Apple Fritters too!

    *Oh and i have my very first giveaway going on! feel free to join :)


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