Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yearbook Funnies - Link Up Announcement

Yearbook Funnies!
{A one time link-up on Jan. 31st}

Remember back when...
maybe in elementary school, junior high or high school...

You KNOW...the AWKWARD phase?!?!

We want you to dig up those photos!

And if you didn't have one of those awkward phases...
well then I'm soooo jealous!
You can still link up and show us how beautiful you've always been!

It can be from any time frame while you were in school (it doesn't have to be a yearbook photo)!

Grab this button...
and spread the word!

Fo Love of a Cupcake 
Did you notice that button photo is me?!
I made it using!
(they even have an Iphone app...heehee!)
So the link up will be held on Tuesday JANUARY 31st!
Hosted by:
For Love of a Cupcake
Life, Love & Margaritas
Only a Flight Away
Now go dig up those photos!
Let's have fun with it!


  1. hahhha ive been homeschooled my whole life!! :P

  2. this sucks :( last night i came back
    from the gym AND I COMPLETELY
    KNOCKED OUT ... i didn't have the
    chance to do anything .. so ill
    be posting this tomorrow. I have
    all the post scheduled for this week
    lol so i just have to make this one
    for tomorrow. i am so excited to do
    this with you all!

    Melina ♥

  3. Yay! I am so excited!! and glad that I found Melina through Manda too!

  4. Omg this link up looks amazing! I have NO idea where my year books are though! :(


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