Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Get Rollin! With Wedding Planning!

We are getting married in 8 1/2 months!!

I can't believe it!

We took a break during the holidays but now it's time to start planning again!

Within the first couple of weeks...we chose our date and venue!
Lucky for us...the ceremony and venue are at the same place. And EVERYTHING is included in the price EXCEPT for the alcohol and flowers. (and of course my dress and invites, etc)

Our beautiful venue...Lindsay Lakes.
We will be married outside under a gazebo type area by a pond!

Our colors...Gray and Blush Pink

E will wear a gray suit with pink tie.
Groomsmen will wear black suit and black tie.

Bridesmaids will wear gray dress with light pink accessories and shoes!

Click HERE to see more wedding details and inspirations (not much tho)!

Things I would like to get done very soon...
Save the Dates
Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses
Set an appoinment with a florist
Set an appointment with cake baker

I seriously LOVE this cake!
But would like it to be light pink with light gray flowers!

Grooms Cake...Superman of course!
(but imagine gray suit with pink tie!)

Also love these flowers!

So this catches you up on wedding details.
We have a lot to do!
I'll keep you posted as we get more checked off the list!

Do you ladies have any tips at all for me?!?!?!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Very cool- I went through ups & down in wedding planning, it was always good to take a break from the insanity and then get back at it. Love the gray- it's my new favorite color to go with everything lately.

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  3. I love your colors! Enjoy it because you only get to do it all once! I wish I could have another wedding! (to my husband, of course!) not that things won't be stressful, but just remind yourself that you'll only get to do it once, so you want to look back at it and have enjoyed it!

  4. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Yay for fellow wedding planning friends!!!! :) <3 We need all the support we can get! To be honest with you, I have ZERO advice... other than to tell you to NOT stress out. Our wedding is going to be so SIMPLE..... that I have not been stressing at all. I've had hardly anything to do! LOL. Justin & I are just simple people...not formal at all... And at the end of the day, we simply just want to be married. :) That's all I can say for now... Maybe I will do a wedding post soon, too! <3 Thanks for the inspiration, friend. <3 XOXO!

  5. Congrats lady!! =) I just LOVE the gray/pink. What a great combo.

    megs [at] Shine On

  6. Beautiful! great ideas.

  7. My tip for you, continue to breathe and relax. You sound like you have (most of) the important things done. Once you have the dress, things will really fall into place.

    Good luck, lady! And enjoy every minute!

  8. Just found your blog from Lindsay Nicole's post. So cute! Those 8 months will fly by and you'll be a Mrs before you know it! :)

    Excited for follow you on your journey to becoming a wife :) You're going to LOVE it.

    Valerie from

  9. I went to a wedding this summer where the bridesmaids were in grey, it was beautiful!

    I cannot wait to see pictures from your wedding, it sounds beautiful!

  10. So exciting! Your venue is gorgeous! I did not regret having an outdoor wedding at all. You will love it. My sister is getting married in a few months and her colors are pink & grey too. I'll be sure to send her your blog so she can check it out. Good luck & have fun with the planning :)

  11. Love your color combo! We "almost" did pink/grey but ended up doing yellow/grey pretty! Happy Planning,sounds like you have a lot done!

  12. Great color combo! Looks like your wedding will be beautiful!

  13. That cake is AWESOME!! hah
    Good luck and have fun planning!

  14. You're going to have a beautiful wedding! Love all the ideas! Especailly the cake & bridesmaids dresses!

  15. This is super cute! You are way ahead of me and I'm getting married in 2 months! Keep us posted :)

  16. its all coming together Amanda!
    i am so exciting to see you get
    married! :) only 8 more months
    and you'll be walking down the
    aisle :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    have a great weekend love!

    Melina ♥

  17. The one big tip that I have for you (if you have the time) is to get on your month board on! It was SUPER helpful for me to see where other women were in their planning, what they were doing, etc. And I've made a bunch of lasting friendships too!

    Your wedding looks GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

    Sending you sunshine,

    Rachael @ You Me and Natalie

  18. Love your choices, esp the Gray dresses with the pink accessories. LOVE

  19. And your gonna make us wait 8 1/2 months! Ugh! I can't wait to see it!

  20. So E doesn't mind the whole having to wear pink!?! What a man he is!!! :) love that!

  21. Congrats!! How exciting! I'm getting married in 4 and a half months and I can't wait!!!

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  23. I love all of it! Especially your color scheme! So pretty and delicate! :) It is so fun to plan a wedding :)

    If Work Permits

  24. Love all of your wedding details! Our countdown is just under eight months-September 15, 2012 :)

  25. Love that one of your colors is Pink and that your fiance has not balked at the idea of wearing a pink tie. Pink was one of my colors! The groomsmen were all in pink.


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