Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Tank way to introduce Chloe??

How was your weekend?!
Here are a few instagram photos from the weekend!
TL: recipe coming soon for these AWESOME cookies!!!
TR: polka dot scarf! we actually had a cold front!
BL: took clo clo to the vet for her yearly checkup!
BR: country back roads driving me crazy!

We get Tank in a few weeks!
Not sure on the exact date yet...because he is currently in Missouri! But hopefully the weekend of the 18th!
This is Tank the Bullmastiff!
(the one in the front standing)
We are getting Tank from a wonderful breeder {HERE}!

So I have a question for all of you dog owners...with two or more dogs...

We are worried about Chloe and how she will react (I don't mean aggressively). She is obviously spoiled and is our little baby!  (Even tho she is almost 4 years old!)

What did you do to make your older dog feel like he or she wasn't being replaced?

I want to make sure Chloe still gets her special attention and of course give Tank plenty of special attention.

Funny fact about Chloe: when we have kids at our house and I'm paying more attention to them...she will sit on the floor or in a chair and pout! She's not aggressive at all...just pouts!

I found {THIS} about introducing new pets to your family.
I will do some more research tho!!
Eric is going to ask the breeder for tips as well!

Do YOU have any tips for me??



  1. he is so adorable! i bet you can't wait to have him in your arms.

    and that cookie looks delish, i think i spy pretzels?

    hope you get the advice you need. i have a dog and cat ... just got my dog a little less than 2 months ago and my cat for 4 years. let's just say that my cat hates the dog.

  2. We only have Claymore but when my parents got a new puppy 2 years ago, we made sure that they were together a lot and that both got equal amounts of attention! Whenever we're paying attention to other dogs, Claymore with get a toy and play with it, like he wants us to play with him, or he'll come up to us, put his front paws on your lap and just stare at you!

  3. so excited for you to get him!! We only have one dog - so no advice there. except the obvious to get giving her attention. and maybe help them by "teaching" them how to play together??

  4. The cookies look good and I love the scarf. Those puppies are so fricken adorable!!!

  5. I cant wait for the cookie recipe. Tank is too freaking adorable!

  6. Tank is such a cutie! I was worried about how Bella would react when we got Zoey too. She was weirded out for the first two or so days but now they are best friends. I think I read somewhere to have the dogs meet at a place outside of the home then Chloe will be familiar with her before your bring Tank home to her territory. I think they will do just fine :)

  7. Congrats on your new puppy! He is absolutely precious! We are looking to add to our fur baby family soon, too!

  8. Adorable puppies! So excited you are getting tank! Those cookies look delicious, cannot wait for the recipe!

  9. Oh he is just precious! Definitely jealous!


  10. He's soooo cute!! Can't wait to see more pictures! When I brought my pound puppy home, we introduced her to the other dogs outside in "neutral" territory. Let them sniff and do their thing. I highly recommend though that you try not to change Chloe's patterns at all. My folks rearranged dog beds and eating locations and it didn't go over too well. Equal attention is good, but not always possible with a puppy. So spoil Chloe with a new toy or two when you bring Tank home! :)

  11. Ooooh Tank is a little cutie pie! I'm so jealous! I want a bullmastiff. A friend of mine has one and he's built like a piece of furniture! :o)

    I wish I had some tips for you. When we introduced our puppy to our older dog, we had no problems at all! They got along great, so I never had to deal with any weird reactions. Hopefully it'll work that way for you, too!

  12. Your puppy is so precious!!! I am so excited for you!

  13. i am beyond excited to see Tank
    come home! he is adorableeeee!!
    I love puppies ♥ I hope everything
    goes well and works out between
    Chloe adn Tank ♥♥

    I can't wait for that recipe!
    I am still drooling from the
    instagram pic ..

    MELINA ♥

  14. Chloe is so cute :) Tank is just as precious!

  15. Tank is a cutie! I love puppies and their little potbellies and baby breath!

    Your resident pooch looks like such a lover, Im sure that they will bond in no time at all, I think that your statement about giving Chloe plenty of attention will do the trick, if she isnt aggressive she will probably only need a little extra love! I hope that the new pup gets to you soon, cant wait to see more pictures of him :)

  16. what a cute face well both dogs of course!! i hope the two of them get along, and chloe will show tank all her good behaviors none of the bad ones

  17. Lol! Amanda, at first I thought tank is a tank top. I used to have a sheltie when I lived in Texas. I love dogs, they're so loving and friendly and loyal.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  18. Oh my goodness that Tank is too cute! Chole is quite the beauty as well!

    I wish I had advice...we haven't added another basset to our crew yet but have talked about it one day. I think the idea of introducing them in neutral territory is probably a great idea!

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