Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivate Me Monday!

It's Monday!
and you know what that means...

Time for another week.
getting up early to work out and blah blah blah!
I have to say...I am completely worn out.
...and these posts always seem to keep me on my toes.

Do they help you at all?
I remember at the beginning of the many of you would link up...but now you have dwindled off...

those new years resolutions may have gone down the drain.
but don't let them!!!!
let's keep at it ladies!!

Here is some Monday Motivation!!!!
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Be healthy ladies!!!
for YOU!

Link up and tell me about your fitness journey or anything fitness related!!
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  1. I wish I had the motivation like you! I definitely need to get back to doing yoga and on the treadmill!

  2. i feel you. this morning was rough trying to get up!! I need to force myself out of bed bright & early to get my workout on because I do not have time during the day :(

    Happy Monday

  3. I love that Be Healthy, Be Happy picture. That girl has an awesome body and I love how it's very toned and full of muscles not just skinny.
    I'm sorry I keep forgetting to send you my button too! I'm awful!

  4. I never ever feel like going to the gym, but I just push myself somehow and feel like superwoman after I'm done. I just love feeling strong!


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