Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Kohls GURU...

My sister is seriously too funny!
Meet Rachel!
Remember when I bought {these} mint capris from Kohls?

Well I originally went there because Rachel had a pair of white ones that were really cute (I ended up getting white as well)!
So the day after I buy them...I told her I went there and they were on sale and the cashier gave me an extra coupon!
In the next few minutes...I realize that my sister is a Kohls guru!

Here's how it went down!
(Rachel is on the left and I'm on the right)

The next day rolls around...

and here's the best part!!

So a Kohls GURU or shoe-a-holic?

maybe both!
love ya sis!!
too bad we don't wear the same size!

y'all have a wonderful day!


  1. that is impressive!! LOVE finding deals! my mom and sister get those $10 gift cards and I have never gotten one - and I have a credit card and emails!! I'm missing out!!

  2. Wow those are some good deals!

  3. I love Kohls! They always have great deals going on! And I love Lauren Conrads line there! :)

  4. I love Kohl's- I get all the emails but never actually READ them. Considering I need to save $$ this summer I should probably start! Thanks for the reminder :-)

  5. your sister rocks! I love me some kohls too I need to go there I haven't been in a while! I am due!

  6. That is so awesome of your sister! And so awesome that Kohl's has such a cool coupon policy! I may be heading to the website to sign up now! lol

  7. I was wondering how everyone got such awesome deals at Kohl's! Thanks for giving us the inside scoop! :)

  8. Kohl's has the best coupons and deals - I could get into some serious trouble if I went there every day!

  9. kohls seriously is the best!! i'm always scoring good deals :)

  10. hahah I love kohls but maybe its just our kohls its always such a mess.. it drives me NUTS!!! ahh but she sounds like she has the hang of things!!!

    have u tried their R&R line?

    Happy Thursday!

  11. She sounds like my mom! My mom is a Kohls QUEEN!

  12. WOW. maybe i need to consider shopping at kohls more!!

  13. she's got it down! haha. a girl can never have too many shoes, but that's a lot! all are super cute though.

  14. So I went to Kohls for THE FIRST TIME EVER, and was a little disappointed. I came back with one item. Lauren Conrad none the less. Is it a hit and miss thing?


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