Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Times!

Happy Friday ladies!

This is gonna be short and sweet today but I just wanted to say hi and have a great weekend!

I am so pooped out for some reason!

Planning this wedding and packing/moving and birthdays and baby showers and crossfit and bracelet making is all starting to catch up to me...not to mention all the time blogging!! Plus working full time!

What have I gotten myself into!


This is gonna be a packed weekend full of baby fun! We are throwing my sister a 'sprinkle' shower since its her second! But this time it's a boy!

So tonight....I'll be finishing up things for the baby shower.
Baking mini cupcakes topped with cookies.
Cookie sandwiches.
Diaper cakes.

And of course you will hear all about it next week!

oh and Chloe and Tank say hi too!!
By the way...Tank is already 6.5 months and about 70 lbs!!
He can jump as high as I am tall!

y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Love the pictures of Tank & Chloe!! Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  2. What a busy weekend you have planned! Can't wait to see pics next week. Love the pics of your puppies, they are so sweet!

  3. Have fun at the Sprinkle shower :)

  4. sounds like a fun weekend!! post pics of your baby shower things! : )

  5. Congrats to your sis! Your dogs are super cute!!

    Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia

  6. My kids birthday is in February and Tank should be big enough that we can dress him up as a pony and give rides to all the little kids.

  7. oh tank and chloe are just so darn cute! can't wait to see pictures of this weekend!

  8. What is a sprinkle shower? Sounds fun :) Cute dogs for sure!


  9. Tank! holy smokes ... 70 already. I love it!


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