Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jessica's Baby Shower!

We truly had a blast at my sister's baby shower. She is having a boy this time around so she gets the best of both worlds!
girly girly and dirty dirty!

Since this was her second shower in a year...we decided simple would be best.

I would say the most fun part was trying to think of a BBB initialed name. It's tradition on her husband's side. no they have not decided on a name yet! and she is due in a month!

then we would try to think of all the bad nicknames that could go with the name.
for instance...
Grody Brody

and then we got on the topic of our bad nicknames as kids.
mine was A man...duh.
and poor Rachel...we teased her with Roachel.


So here is Jessica's day in photos.

Did you have any funny nicknames as a kid?
I hated mine as a kid but look back now and it's just funny.

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  1. Love the pics! Looks like a sweet shower!!

  2. Did her and her friend plan on wearing the same shirt? hahaaa. You looked GORG and your sister is so lucky to have two. I can't even seem to make ONE... :( hahaaa.

  3. Looks like a great shower! Love al the family pictures!

  4. So cute! My nickname was "Kipper" (maiden name was Kipp) And my sister called me Bin. Not really sure why, but it stuck around for a really long time!


  5. everything turned out so well! love your dress!

  6. So much fun! I just love a good party.

    My nickname was Kiwi....not really sure how it started either...

  7. What a super cute baby shower! I had a few nicknames in my day (Celestial, CeCe, Jack, etc.), but the worst was Celester Molester....that was courtesy of some very creative junior high boys. My friends STILL think it's hilarious.

  8. Very cute shower! As for nicknames - - Briana Banana, Bee and Bernaners (which I did NOT like! Lol!).

  9. So cute!! You look gorgeous, as always! Love the little Superman onesie!

  10. That looks like so much fun... I love baby showers! Love her round belly and her cute shirt :)

  11. My SIL's family all has B names... The mom is Bridget... then there's Brandon, Brianne, Bryce, Brady, Bryndee, Brigham and Brennik! SO many Bs to keep track of! Looks like a fun shower! :)


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