Friday, June 22, 2012

Floral or Polka Dots?

Woot's Friday!!
always my fav day!

So do you ladies follow me on instagram yet?
Well you should! It's so fun!

So the other day...I was trying to decide which head wrap I wanted
All of her stuff is sooo cute! It seriously makes for a tough decision!

Anyways...on Instagram...I asked for your help!
Which one would you choose from the four below?

Most of you said floral or polka dot! Someone even said the coral lace one looked like panties. But I'd still wear it! Panty Party on the Head!

Well...I bought the floral!
Seriously the toughest decision ever! And I'm sure I will be back for more!!

So which one would you have chosen?!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

PS...come back tomorrow!
The humongo June group giveaway will be up!

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  1. I still love the floral one! :)

  2. Definitely would have chosen the floral! It looks great on you :)

  3. Yay for the floral! That one is definitely my favorite. I'm so loving everything floral lately!

  4. The floral is definitely my favorite and I just might have to buy it!

  5. The floral one is pretty but I also like the panty party one! It's so cute!!

  6. I would have gone with the lace panties. you fail.
    I kid ... love the floral!

  7. I would have definitely picked the floral one too!!! So cute!

    <3 Melissa

  8. initially I said DOTS, but on second look I think the floral is far more versatile & purdy - two very important components when selecting a head wrap (I imagine).

  9. I love these and am inspired to try them out! I want some.

    I love the polka dot one! I think you should go back and get it. :)

  10. Not gonna lie, I said the lace looked a little like panties! I love the floral!

  11. seriously - the coral lace one was my fave. hahahaa. panty partyy!

  12. im sure they would all look great on you! the floral one tho is fab! i wouldve picked the polk a dot one too for you! yay cant wait for the giveaway!!!!

  13. you look great in all of them but my fave pic is the floral!

  14. so cute!!! love the floral and really like the lace one too! can't wait for an outfit pic with it!


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