Friday, July 13, 2012

Bullmastiff vs Boxer

Did y'all know that Tank is a Bullmastiff?
There has been some mixing up with him being a Boxer!

can you guess which is a bullmastiff as a puppy?
Source: via kat on Pinterest
Source: via Amelia on Pinterest

can you guess which is a bullmastiff as an adult?
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
I can def see why he gets called a boxer...they are pretty similar.
Did you know that Tank will end up weighing about 130 lbs?
He is only 75 right now (as of last Sunday)! Eek!

so here was Tank when we first got him! you can read {this} post too!

and Tank
(ok well this was at 5 months and now he is 7 but I just like this photo of him!)

As you can see...the bullmastiff is thicker and has quite a bit more wrinkles in the face!!
I'm no dog expert....that's just my opinon!

Tank is gonna be a big boy!

I hope y'all enjoy your Friday!


  1. I am very partial to this post. :)

  2. He does look a little like a boxer! but when you put them side by side I can see the difference! he is so cute!! happy weekend amanda!

  3. Tank is such a pretty boy - I love that sweet face!

  4. Such a handsome dog and he'll definitely not look like a boxer when he's 130 pounds! Holy moley! Our chocolate lab Lilah was predicted to be a smaller lab like her daddy, but ended up being big like her mama and is now a healthy and lean 85 pounds which is HUGE for a female lab. She's so strong! I can't even imagine 130 pounds. There is a guy in our neighborhood that has a bullmastiff named Tank as well and while probably that big, big dogs like that are so beautiful!

  5. aww tank is such a handsome boy! we just got a pup (bloodhound) who is supposed to top out b/t 100-140lbs...we're working on training/puppy growing pains now, ha! :)

  6. i LOVE boxers! I had a boxer growing up he was the best dog!

  7. another easy way to tell is their necks. bull mastiffs have chunks short little necks and boxers are more elongated and lean - like they're always stretching.

    love that baby shot of tank - i just want to squeeze him!

  8. I also have to say I can't wait to see how wrinkley his face gets. Hemi's is pretty bad, and when his eyes water his poor creases get crusty.

  9. Tank is adorable! My in-laws have an English Mastiff, Charlie. She is up to like 150 but both her mom and dad were over 200lbs! She's still young so she hasn't gained all her weight yet, but she is one big girl and I love it!

  10. oh i love the puppies! you can totally tell the difference. At least i can only because i have a boxer! He is 90lbs. I cant even imagine when Tank gets to be 130lbs. Sam thinks he is a small dog and sits on my lap, i couldnt imagine having a full grown Tank on my lap!

  11. wow i didn't realize they look so much alike!

  12. I have a 135 lb Rottweiler. You're in for a treat ;) lol tanks a beauty by the way!

  13. i want all of the puppies in this post. grown and not grown. ALLOFTHEM.

  14. he is so adorable!

  15. Tank is way cute!

  16. He is adorable!! I love big dogs

  17. My best friend has two boxers, and my husband's family always had buill mastiffs. So I really have a hard time seeing the similarities. Bull mastiffs are so much thicker. Umm... could "Tank" have ever been a more appropriate name? I love both kids of dogs so very much. I want to squeeze them both!

  18. I didn't realize they were so similar. I guess I've never seen two together though...

  19. Beautiful dog! I have a boxer and you can def tell the difference. I am a bit biased but big dogs make the best pets :) my boxer is full grown and weighs about 80 pounds.

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