Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chloe vs Tank

Today I'm talking about the shop. Not our two crazy dogs lol!

I've made the change over from Etsy to Storenvy.

I think I will like it better...although I may have to advertise and promote it a little more.

There really isn't much in the shop at the moment because of life. Lol.
Moving and planning a wedding and a full time job are keeping me busy!!

Hopefully I'll have time to add some more items soon!

And a cupcake lover you always get
15% off with the code: CUPCAKES

If you become a fan on can find more coupon codes flying around!

I just love coupons! Plus I never charge for shipping! Currently only mailing to the US but if you live somewhere else...send me a personal message...I may be able to send you one!

Also...every Wednesday...I choose one bracelet to sell for $9 for the day only!!

Just wanted to keep you ladies updated!

Take a look at the shop {HERE}!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. i love your bracelets! are they all with tan leather? do you do color requests? i think im going to get some, theyre just so cute! Happy Saturday! xox Kelly

  2. Can't wait to use the discount code on my next order!

    You need to check out this etsy shop, Dressing on the Side. I have the Cupcake Queen shirt and they have several other cupcake designs...just thought I'd share!

  3. So cute - I'm looking forward to checking out your shop! By the way just found you via Twitter and looking forward to following your blog! Have a fab weekend! :)

  4. cute bracelet! I am working on my shop too :) love it.


  5. Just hopping over from My Beautiful Crazy Life to make sure I am following you to get ready for the Me & Myself blog hop:) Happy to meet another Texas Gal! Have a great week and loads of luck with your shop. You should do great, your bracelets are lovely:)

  6. It looks nice! I've been thinking about playing around with StoreEnvy, but not sure if I'll make the switch...


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