Friday, July 6, 2012

A Letterman?

Hey ladies!
Woot woot for Friday!

So when we were moving last weekend...I came across mine and Eric's old high school letterman jackets lol! We did not go to the same high school and he is 5 years older than me.

Eric was a stud lol! His jacket was full of patches!!

Mine was filled with patches for track. And did I seriously get 'speed demon' put on the back?! Oh goodness.

Funny story...
I did like 5 events for each track meet. I would get so nervous before each race (especially the 300 hurdles) that I would get sick! But then I'd race and win lol! I would win until my sis Rachel came to high school...then we would race to beat each other lol!

Anyways...I just thought it would be fun for y'all to see some of your past. Maybe I can dig up old high school pics one day. :)

Hopefully our kids will be just as athletic! Heehee!

So I'm linking up with Aunie Sauce today for Just Because Friday.

Y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. haha that is so awesome! i think my little 14 yr old sister has my letterman jacket now. i was the same way in track getting nervously ill before meets but always finishin great - but i hated running funny enough - i was a shot put queen! anyway - so glad i found ur bloggie girl! love it! you are gorgeous! happy friday :-)

  2. I love how yours says speed demon! so cute! My mom found my old one not too long ago and she asked me if I wanted it to no mom thanks though.

  3. OHHH this is awesome! I was 10 in '97... just sayin'. LOL!

  4. Haha - dang, yall both are patched up!! ;) I was on the track team for about one practice (anyone who wanted to join could, no matter how bad they were). In my head, I was a speed demon; in real life, more like a turtle!

  5. Jeremy and I are 5 years apart too. My letter jacket is at my grandparents in Missouri. I should have them take a picture of it and send it to me, but it would probably take them 2 years just to figure out how to get the picture on the computer.

  6. i love this post! we've both talked before about our track sicknesses and our extreme anxiety during race time! i love that you had speed demon on your jacket! We should do a race TOGETHER some day!

  7. How fun is that!!! :) I was in track too... I hated running though. Just did it cause I had to. High jump was my thing.

  8. aw that is so cute!! so funny i totally use to wear my BF letterman jacket in highschool, it was like the cool thing to do! so funny! happy friday!! xo Kelly


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