Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you knew me...

Shirt: co/ Sheinside (same shirt: only $29.12!)
jeans: rock revival // necklace and bracelet: F21 // shoes: aldo

My new favorite shop is Sheinside! When I received this shirt and the shirt I wore yesterday...I was in awe...I don't think I even do these shirts justice!

I've seen this flying around so figured I would give it a go! Plus...I figured you would like to get to know me a little more!

If you knew me...
You would know that I have light green eyes...almost yellow at times! With a dark green circle around them. Sometimes they'll change to a dark green depending on what I'm wearing.

You would know that I am a lady of few words.

You would know that I literally hate talking on the phone.

You would know that I have the longest toes ever!

You would know that I can't sit still for one minute. I'm constantly mind goes 90 miles a minute.

You would know that I really DO have a thick accent. Eric says I try too hard NOT to have an accent in my VLOGs lol.

You would know I could shop for hours. But only if I'm able to buy something. I can't window shop.

You would know that once I get my mind on something it needs to be done right that second.

You would know that I hate to clean...with a passion!

You would know that I treat my pets like others would treat their kids. I bring water to Chloe in bed (ok that's just spoiled rotten)!

You would know that I have some serious baby fever...for the past few years! heehee

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I hope y'all have a great day!!!
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  1. really, really diggin' this ensemble. I live in a really hot climate, too, and am aching for the day I can think of wearing pants again.

  2. I love this outfit. And the pictures are gorgeous.

    I agree 100% on the phone thing. I hate it. The only pellets I ever talk to on the phone are my mom and grandma and that's because they don't have cell phone each and aren't internet savvy lol.

    Have a good day!

  3. I'm from TN so I have a pretty hefty southern accent too. I always try to downplay mine in vlogs, but it's hard to conceal haha

  4. Love the shirt & necklace combo! The mint green is such a pretty color on you! I can't window shop either, feels like such a waste of time, hate cleaning & since having my baby girl not sure I'll ever have baby fewer again! :)

  5. i could shop for hours too! wish we could go together! : )

  6. Obsessed with those shoes! Stopped by from WIWW! XOXO


  7. Hot shoes!
    I too am a woman of few words. And when I do speak, it's worth listening!

  8. Love that outfit!
    I have troubles sitting still on occasion too, unless I am reading a good book - then I won't move for hours! Haha!
    Loved getting to know more about you.

  9. Love your top!

    I treat my pets better than kids I think. No baby fever here though :) We'll see how I feel after my sister has her little girl any day now!

    I CANNOT sit still! Even sitting here typing my foot is wiggling a mile a minute!

    My eyes are weird colors too. Half green, half brown. As in the top half is brown and the bottom half is green. And they change colors. Eyes are funny little things, aren't they?

    Loved learning more about you!

  10. Nice outfit! Your eyes sound really pretty!!

  11. I loved learning more about you! Also, those Aldo shoes are TO DIE FOR. DO you have a link for them online?

  12. I too hate talking on the phone, HATE IT! I did the same kind of post last week and got the most supporting encouraging responses. Wasn't this a fun exercise, it was kinda cleansing. So here's to you and your sharing, thank you!

    Lissa :)

  13. UMM>> Just a couple things.

    1) you are so amazingly cute. i am just in love with your style and fun lately
    2) baby fever... eek! can't wait until after the wedding!
    3)loving alllllll of this :)

  14. I hate cleaning too AND I treat my fur babies like people :) They have such hard lives, don't they?

    <3 Jamie

  15. I love all the fun facts that's such a cute idea..I have the LONGEST big toe ever..we need to!
    kisses from NY
    Sheree x

  16. Let's have a measuring contest I am am almost SO SURE that i could beat you for world's longest toes ever!!! LOL

  17. You look like a chic safari traveler, and I LOVE the shoes. I hate talking on the phone too. So annoying for sooo many reasons.

  18. Loved this post! Too funny about the long toes part. I, too, am a fellow long-toed blogger. Ha!

  19. I LOVE that top! And I treat my dog like he's a child as well. It's so hard not to when you don't have kids of your own :)

  20. i'm a new follower : )

  21. CUTE shirt. love the site that it's from! did you wear a tank under it or is it not as sheer as is looks online?


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