Wednesday, July 4, 2012

last memory...of our old house

Dress & Shoes: Target // Belt: F21
Head Wrap: Three Bird Nest // Coral Bracelets: Knotie Ties

Beaded Bracelet: Chloe vs Tank
This weeks "Wednesday Deal" is: 
you can choose between a yellow or gold bracelet! 
Both are $9 today only!!

as you know...we just moved! unpacked boxes are still overflowing!
one of the last memories I have at the old house was pretty funny.
Eric started laughing at me so hard that water started coming out of his nose!

I don't think I can even get up the courage to tell you what I did...let's just say it wasn't girly like!!


will you still be my friend??!
(why am I always asking you to still be my friend? maybe because I am such a dork.)

On another note...sometimes I feel like a hippie when I wear these head wraps BUT I love them.

Do you or would you wear head wraps?
Here are a few pinterest finds ;-)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

so linking all this up to
Michelle at The Vintage Apple and Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy and Rolled Up Pretty.
Hope y'all enjoy this 4th of July!!!!


  1. that headwrap looks adorable on you!! as does your dress!! happy 4th of july amanda!

  2. Just ordered the gold bracelet! The headwrap is so cute...I wish I could pull it off!

  3. You definitely pull off the head wrap well...I love the look, but think I'd look ridiculous. Haha. Happy 4th of July!

  4. I love those head wraps! I really want one but I fear I would look ridiculous. You can absolutely pull them off though! I guess I'll never know until I try.

  5. I love head wraps but don't own any. I'm pretty sure I'd look nowhere near as good as you do ;) I have that same dress from Target. LOVE the shoes. I need to get some of them.

    Happy 4th!

  6. I love those hippie head wraps!You are just toooo too cute! Love your blog!

  7. I love the head wraps on other people but I don't think I could pull it off as well as you do :)

  8. love your outfit! i would wear a head wrap for sure!

  9. I think head wraps work well with girls that have longer hair. Since my hair is a little short, it looks kind of funny. You, my friend, rock the head wrap fabulously!

  10. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! Love the dress, by the way- and I just started tried wearing a headwrap this week- it's a fun look! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime- I host a weekly link party called "This Week the Trend" that I'd love for you to join and I'm currently offering free ad space! I hope you have a great week!


  11. cute dress! love the contrast with the dark dress and bright sandals! oh and the head wrap just makes it all the more bohemian chic!

  12. Love them and just wrote about them here.....

  13. I have that dress! I just love it!

    I wish I looked good in head wraps as you do!

  14. You always have the cutest outfits girl! I am in LOVE with that dress! Target? How come I never find any good maxi dresses there? Uggg. Did you get it recently?

  15. Your aviators are freaking awesome! I've been looking for a pair like those. Can you hook a sista up and lemme know where you scored those bad boys at?! :)


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