Friday, September 21, 2012


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No...I promise I am no Bridezilla!

but goodness ladies...
I'm just glad it's Friday!

And one week exactly until our wedding day!

Let me just tell you one reason why I had a semi mental breakdown over the weekend!

It goes something like this...

I picked up my dress on Saturday.

Sunday was my scheduled bridal shoot.

Earlier in the week...I looked at the weather and it was 60% chance of rain. I tried to reschedule with my hair and makeup lady but she was completely booked. So then I tried to reschedule with her for an earlier time on Sunday as the rain was suppose to hit around 5pm.
none of this was possible.

she finished my hair and makeup at around 4 on Sunday.
Now I was ready to put on my didn't fit!
They took it in too much and I was busting out of it.

We met up with Juliana anyway...I was sure she would be able to angle the camera in a good way to make the dress look like it fit lol.

Well...we finally meet her at 5pm and maybe get 20 minutes of photos taken.

It was sprinkling on me the whole time...and then bottom of the sky fell started to pour.

Juliana is amazing with the way she edits photos so I'm hoping she got a good shot so I can use one photo for the wedding.

I'm def going to schedule a shoot for after the wedding to take some better shots for keepsake!

And I am going to the bridal shop tomorrow because they are fixing my dress!
I will not walk down the isle in a dress that does not fit.
My mom said I better walk up in there like bridezilla!
As long as we get married...
that's all that matters right!!

have a great weekend ladies!


  1. Good luck with everything! I hope they're able to make your dress fit perfectly for next week! Remember to relax, it will be an amazing day no matter what happens!

  2. How stressful! I'm sure that she got lots of great shots, though; they always do :). I had a similar experience with my dress RIGHT before the wedding too... I was supposed to have my final fitting the week before the wedding, then take it home if it was perfect. It wasn't. She zipped me in (wrong, of course; didn't pull the fabric right) and the zipper BROKE! Split right down the middle and bent the teeth all out of whack. They promised to replace the zipper and I could pick it up on Tuesday of wedding week. (It broke again on Tuesday, too; they had to replace it a third time with an upholstery zipper and I got it the night of our rehearsal. PHEW! I was actually calm, but the ladies at the shop were fuh-reaking out. But all was well, everything was perfect on the wedding day! Good luck with everything this week!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! I would definitely pull a bridezilla and demand they fix that dress asap!! Just think, soon you'll be looking back and laughing :)

  4. WOW!! let your inner bridezilla out!!! that is not cool of them!!!
    hope to see pictures!!
    cant believe you are ONE week away.. excited yet???

  5. oh my gosh you are so close. just take a few deep breaths and try and enjoy EVERYTHING - the good, the bad, and the will all turn out amazing I'm sure! I think we are all waiting for it to come as well- we have to see pictures! :)

  6. That does sound super stressful! Hopefully they can fix up your dress. YOu will look gorgeous no matter what! So excited how close you are!

  7. Oh no!! I would be a little on edge if I were you! I hope it all gets worked out. Now you can wear your dress and take pictures, again! :) Happy Weekend!

  8. Oh goodness Amanda! That sounds like it would have caused anyone to have a moment. Everything will work out!

  9. Congrats on your upcoming wedding - remember to enjoy these moments, even though they seem overloaded and rushed!

  10. so exciting! I cant wait to see pictures!

  11. Good luck girlie! It goes by so fast! I can hardly believe I've been married for over a month now! eeeK!

  12. Oh my gosh I definitely hope that they get your dress fitted right and that you don't have the rain dump down on you any more! Geez sounds like a stressful day!

  13. ugh!! I'm sorry for the rain and dress issues! I guarantee if you were wearing a dress a little too tight or too big you would still look GORGEOUS! I'm SOOO excited for you and can't wait to see pictures!!


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