Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Insta-Lately plus a fun little something!

Hey ladies!!!
It's been a while since I've post my Instagram photos!
If you follow me already...I'm sorry!

this was all a couple weekends ago!
1. you can barely see chloe but she is completely passed out!
2. our wine club wine came in!!
3. Eric actually allowed me to take a photo of him haha!
4. lunch at Genghis...even tho we had it for dinner the night before! haha

1. me trying to look cool...bahaha...
2. just being goofy
3. stripes!
4. created a little outfit...I love Conversation Pieces
....using their 'perfect shirt' as my main piece!

1. playing together!
2. they really wanted some of my graham cracker!

Oh, Tanker Butts...
1. he did originally love his lion...then took the stuffing out!
2. he is so big...just giving me cuddles in the morn.
3. Tank snuggling with his lion (before it was torn up!)
4. playing outside!

Yesterday was the BEST mail day ever. If you've never heard of RustikChic...or if you've ever hesitated on buying one of her bracelets...go buy one now!!! I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous this bracelet is!!


Now for something fun!!

Defying Gravity
Elizabeth over at Defying Gravity came up with a super cute idea and asked me to join in with her!
Another fun way to connect to bloggers! Everyone loves mail right?!
So she came up with the idea for a postcard exchange...
How it works

1. You will have 1 week to sign up.

2. She will then pair you with another blogger.

3. Once paired you will contact your partner and get an address.

4. Buy a postcard to send.  Write a note, a quote, draw a picture or something to share with your partner, or even put it in an envelope with some candy (heehee).

5.  Once partners are announced you will have till a certain date to mail out your postcard that Elizabeth will mention in the email when she pairs you up.

6. Everyone will blog about their postcard on Aug 31st, then come link up on either mine or Elizabeth's blog for everyone to see what you got and from where!
Sign up below!!
hope y'all have an excellent day!!


  1. The Rustic Chic bracelet is GORGEOUS!
    And I'm cracking up at Tank tearing up that cute :)


  2. LOVEEEEEEEE the postcard idea! And I loveeeeee your bracelet!

  3. I love that bracelet - it's beautiful!!

  4. I can not believe how big Tank is getting!!

  5. I'm in love with your furbabies!!! And I'm definitely joining in on the Postcard fun! :)

  6. what great photos! xo

  7. Eric is one buff dude. You're one pretty dudette.

  8. isn't instagram the best? loving all of these images!!
    xo TJ

  9. Awesome pictures! Your doggies are so cute. Love the postcard idea, can't wait!!

  10. Your pups are adorable...even when their ornery! Definitely signing up for the postcard swap - how fun!

  11. Hi doll! I've always wanted to be in a postcard exchange! I'm in :)

  12. what a great idea!! Looking forward to getting paired up

  13. I love your blog! Definitely following now. Stay in touch and check out my new blog! xx

  14. I love the swap idea!! I'm so in!! That bracelet is so pretty too :)

  15. Holy buffness! lol You weren't kidding when you told me your man had some muscles! I feel like I should head to the gym now and pump some iron! :)


  16. I saw that you were following my instagram, so I decided to stop in to check out your blog! Super cute...I'm your newest follower!! :)


  17. You really are the sweetest...You don't know how happy I am you love your bracelet:) I love all your pics...your puppies are so cute and I wish I lived in a state where I could be in a wine club and get fun deliveries to my house! I think I would have to have it delivered to a liquor store or something...lame.

    This post card exchange sounds fun! I think I'll sign up. :)


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