Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Wedding Shower

oh you guys...I get the worst blogger award this week haha!
we didn't get any photos with our guests or family....
 however we got plenty of photos of the kids helping us open gifts!!

happy Thursday!!!



  1. Wedding showers are always fun! I scored a ton of great loot at mine before I got married!

  2. adorable photos!

  3. I'm having my first wedding shower in October! We are registering now. Is there any "must haves" that your would suggest we add to our list?? I'm having such a hard time registering haha which sounds silly because everyone loves that part...

  4. The kids are adorable! & That blender looks like a real fancy one!

    What did you guys do for the wedding shower? Did you go out and throw a big party? Or did you have a small party at home?!

  5. wedding showers are a blast!! and my husband has that same shirt your man is wearing!!

  6. Haha you must've been enjoying yourself so much you forgot to take pictures. That's ok!

    LOL at Eric's shirt.

  7. Man don't you hate when life gets in the way of blogging? Ha! At least you got a few pics, I've been posting old pics for about 2 months now...#bloggerproblems

  8. That's ok you forgot to take pics - you guys were just having too much fun! Looks like you got some nice stuff!

  9. love your blog. your pics are great :D

    xx m

  10. That's great that you at least got a few pictures :D Looks like you got wonderful stuff and had fun!

  11. Congratulations! My friend just got engaged and I am trying to pick out the perfect wedding shower invitations and theme. I think I am leaning towards either a cowgirl theme or a spa theme. What do you think sounds better?


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