Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reasons why...

shirt: F21, Skirt: Modern Vintage Boutique (seriously in love with this skirt! it was a Black Friday buy!)

5 reasons why it doesn't feel like Christmas.

It's 80 degrees every day here in Texas.

Chopping down our Christmas tree in 80 degree weather.

Wearing short sleeves in 80 degree weather in December.

It's 80 degrees...everyone is wearing shorts... while I'm pretending it's cool by wearin scarves.

It's 80 degrees out and I have my car blowing the a/c.

Oh did you know it's been in the 80s here in Houston?

Reasons why I shouldn't be singing and grooving in the car?

Just happening to look over at the car next to me and realize that they are probably laughing at me.

I def do not sing in tune...I pity anyone that hears me.

I'm sure the car shakes while I'm stopped at the stop, people, no hanky panky going on in here...just rockin out!

Can you tell his southern girl is ready for some cool weather?!?!

y'all have a great day ladies!!!


  1. It definitely wouldn't feel like Christmas to me either if it was THAT HOT here! 80 degrees? Wow. I wouldn't be able to stand it. Hoping you get some cooler weather your way soon! :)

  2. I am SO over this weather. I want to have a fire in my fireplace and wear fluffy socks already!!!

  3. Hey girl, fellow Texan here (Dallas) and yep, sick of this weather. The chill this morning is great though! Love this skirt, I have a similar one and am always looking for new ways to pair it up. But I'm busting out my sweater today just because I can! Happy to have found you.


  4. 80-85* here in GA.. I've worn sleeveless everyday this week.. I hate it!!

  5. I am in TX too, and yes, it is hot. It doesn't feel like it, I agree!
    Helene in Between

  6. I hope it cools off at least a little for you soon! Do you get any fall-like weather in Texas or is it generally warm year round? I'm constantly singing at the top of my lungs in the car - it's so embarrassing when I get caught!

  7. it totally feels like CHristmas here - it is a sunny low 73 today!

  8. loving your maxi skirt -- so cute!! xo

  9. I'm in Houston too and I've been SUPER annoyed that it's been humid the last couple of days. I miss the few cool days we had!

  10. I'm so sick of this 80 degree weather in TX, I'm ready for some snow! Haha, like that's ever going to happen!

    Love your skirt :)

  11. its 80 degrees here in bama as well!! ready for it to be cold already!

  12. WOW!! You are adorable. I LOVE this outfit and your blog! I am your newest follower!!! I'm Hanna. Nice meeting you, You can find me at

    Seriosuly you couldn;t be any cuter!!!!

  13. I love your blog! You have the cutest personality. And I LOVE your outfit! So fun! Black and white are like my faves!

  14. It's been low 30s in Chicago!!! Your weather doesn't sound half bad right now!

  15. That skirt is seriously cute!! 80 degrees would definitely put a damper on my holiday spirit too!

  16. super cute! I definitely wouldn't mind some of that warmer weather here lol... though I can definitely see how it would make it feel less like the holidays :P


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