Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anybody Home?

Hi ladies!!!
It has really been a while huh?!

Well, since getting married and starting my new's just been so busy. I have to prioritize my family, my job and working out...and those things have taken priority over blogging. 

Hope you can understand! 

I have missed blogging but it really does take a lot of time. 

If you still follow me on Instagram...then you've been able to keep up with me a little bit :-) 

I also started making bracelets again at Chloe vs Tank!
Use coupon code BLOG for $5 off your order!
And it's always free shipping!

Also...have been selling some clothes on Poshmark
(search for mandapanda81 on the app!)

And just a few photos to show you what we've been up to!

yeah...we pretty much lead a simple life!!!

I'm excited to be back! I won't be bloggin 5 times a week but I should be on here 2 or 3 days a week for now! i just need to find some balance!

alright ladies!!
I'll be back later this week!


  1. yay. missed you:) but balance is key.

  2. Oh Tankers....he is so disgustingly cute!! lol

    Glad you're back!

    Sending you sunshine,

  3. Welcome back, Gorgeous! I didn't hardly recognize the handsome (but very furry) fellow next to you in the car!!!! I understand your need and desire to find balance, it's so important for our health. I'll be sure to enjoy your fewer, but just as enjoyable posts!

    Blessings + Hugs,
    Nicole @ Three 31

    p.s. I'm now on Bloglovin and I follow you too!

  4. Yay!! So thrilled you are were always one of my favorite bloggers. :) i completely understand, though...i took a break for a few months, too, and just came back in Feb!

  5. Welcome back!! I found your blog just as I started my blogging journey and am so happy to see you back in action here :) Congrats on all the big happenings in your life!!

  6. happy to have your posts back! I know what you mean about blogging not being a top priority... it's hard to find that perfect balance. You have it right though- all other things are far more important! :)

  7. I loooooove that first picture of you - gorgeous!!

    And tank is so cute!

  8. We missed you! Glad you're back!

  9. I am so with you girl! Since getting married, starting a new job, buying a new house, and raising our new puppy, it's hard to find the time to blog these days! But I am happy to hear you are doing well! Balance is key...and your blog will always be there!

  10. MISSED YOU! so happy to see your back tho!! :)

  11. YAYYYYYY AMANDA! I was so excited to see this pop up in my feed. We've been missing you! You can disregard the email from me checking up on you :) Can't wait to see more! Love you girl!

    UM and PS> Working out takes priority over blogging ANYDAY (not to mention the job/husband) so I totally understand!

  12. So happy to see you again! It sure has been awhile but a lot of things take higher priority, totally understand.

  13. Yay! I'm so glad you are back! I completely understand the whole balance thing!

    P.S. What type/brand watch/calorie tracker is that? I have been trying to decide what the best one is!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. So glad you are back!!! Love your style, and love following along :)

  15. Glad you back! Your are one of my favorites to read.

  16. Do you think you might be reimbursing your December sponsors? I still haven't received anything yet.


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