Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Newborn Must Haves...

Those cheeks lol
Bringing home a baby is seriously hard work lol.

I'm not sure if we were fully prepared but who really ever is? It's definitely lots of work to figure out what baby needs and what her cries are in pure survival mode for at least the first month and a half or so. are a few items we could not live without.

As a newborn...
The Rock N Play - the only thing she would sleep in. She hated lying flat on her back...I believe because of the reflux. She didn't really care for the bassinett we got until now at 3 months.


Swing - she was usually in this during the day time.


Lots of bibs and burp cloths - you will go they so many...especially since Rea has reflux...sometimes two or three a feeding 😁
Swaddle blankets - not the SwaddleMe Velcro kind - I originally bought a TON of these instead of the regular Swaddle blankets BUT she had to have her arms out AND she was a hot box. I say if you try them...just buy one package and then more if you need and baby likes them


Fav Bottles are Playtex - they are super easy! No cleaning the inside of a bottle...just the nipple and screw on lids! we tried Dr. Brown but I hated them and Rea seemed to like the Playtex better too.
Soothing Sound Machine - she can't sleep without it!



At around 2 months...
Bouncer - she loves watching cartoons in this and keeps her occupied for just a little bit...especially since her naps are getting shorter and shorter. I got mine at Ross for $20.

Obviously every baby is different but these were our most used items.
What items were a necessity to your family?

Have a great day!

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