Monday, November 24, 2014

Gone. Missing. Disappeared.


I wrote this post on Thursday but wasn't ready to post it until today...


It's been a long day and it's only 1:45pm as I type this. 

Rea is taking a nap. 
Chloe is at the window watching it sprinkle. 
Tank is at my feet snoring.

Yesterday was a tough day with Rea...and I was up with her a lot during the night as she woke up wide awake at 1:30 which is odd for her. I was ready for a new day and today was that day! I was going to clean out our closet....which is seriously MUCH NEEDED.

Well Rea was fussy again today but that's ok....I think she's going thru a growth spurt. 

So back to today's events.

Rea woke up at 11 from a nap and the dogs hadn't been out for a little while so we all go outside. I'm playing with Rea and I notice the dogs go around the side of the house which is normal. But if they're out of sight for too long...I'll need to check on them. After a couple of minutes...Tank came back around but chloe did not. So I walk over to the side and there is no chloe. So I walk to the other side.

No chloe. 

I yell for chloe knowing she probably got out thru the rabbit hole in the fence (she is obsessed with the rabbits). At this point I am freaking out.

I run to the front door (ok jog) with Rea in my arms. Burst thru the door and start calling for chloe. 

She is no where in sight.

I choose to go left. Still holding Rea, I'm walking (and jogging) down the sidewalk with only socks on...luckily Rea was fully dressed with socks and headband and thank goodness it wasn't cold outside. NO CHLOE. So I turn around and walk a few streets to the right of us.

I'm freaking tired (huffing and puffing) so make my way back into the house. I put my shoes on. Go to the back yard again hoping i just didn't see chloe the first time...NOPE...still not there.

Rea and I go back outside. We make a few more rounds around the neighborhood and by this time I am literally hyperventilating. No joke. Im crying and hyperventilating. All types of scenarios are going thru my head.

It's already been an HOUR since chloe has been missing.

I'm about to put Rea in the car to drive out to the highway. And what do you is going from house to house making her way back home trying to figure out where she is. She was 3 houses away at this point so Rea and I run over to get her. 

Chloe had gone to the right. 
We were all over that area, so I don't know where she was for that hour.


Fast forward to today.... We did end up having a good weekend.

I've had chloe for 6 and a half years. She is sensitive and has a serious case of anti-separation anxiety.

At one point while looking for her...I look down and there is blood all over me....I didn't figure out where it came from until after I found chloe. I had somehow cut my finger on something. 

Well...I'm just glad Chloe's back home. When I think about it all seems like a dream.

This pic of Rea made me feel a little better that evening as we were trying some clothes and hats that cousin Addie gave us!

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Have a great day everyone :-)


  1. OMG how terrifying that must have been! I am so glad you found Chloe safe and sound. And that picture of Rea is too darn cute! Hope you have a better week this week!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Ugh, that's so scary, so glad she's back safe and sound. That picture is darling!

  3. That is so scary. :(

    I'm glad you found her.

    And your baby - in that hat - AWWWWWWWW

  4. My mom lost my dog once while she was staying at her house, and it was so terrifying! I am so glad Chloe is back home. :)

  5. My pup used to get out at our last house, and I remember one time when I was pregnant, running as fast as I dared down the back alley in my sweats, yelling at the top of my lungs. One of the scariest moments of my LIFE! Those little stinkers don't realize the panic they cause when they escape! So glad she's home, safe and sound. Your baby is PRECIOUS by the way :)


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